Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A long weekend in the rain

I haven't been able to post since last Friday. It was a long weekend here in NSW so I spent all my time keeping Noo entertained.  To top it off it rained most of the weekend and we had to put our clocks forward for daylight savings which made the weekend even more interesting with a toddler!

Thankfully the rain held off on Saturday morning and we were able to catch up with some mums and their kids at the park for a play and to check out some baby farm animals that were also there...

Playing in the park with some mates

Noo strutting his stuff with some goats
Sunday was my mum's birthday so we had brunch over at my brother's house to celebrate. Thankfully he didn't do any of his famous pancakes and bacon because I would have struggled to decline. Instead he served eggs Benedict with choritzo and asparagus and hollandaise sauce on English muffins with yogurt and a fruit platter to start. I enjoyed some fruit and had one egg, a tiny bit of choritzo with a tiny dollop of hollandaise. It was all absolutely delicious!

The rain came pouring down on Sunday afternoon and all through the public holiday Monday. To get out of the apartment my mum and I took Noo to Eastgardens, a massive shopping centre in the east of Sydney. We strolled around the centre going from one end to the other stopping for Noo to climb over all the coin operated rides they have there. A lot of shopping centres in Sydney now have playgyms to keep the kids happy so Noo enjoyed playing there for a while too. The centre was totally packed with other families with the same idea so the playgym was a bit of a nightmare but Noo had fun all the while.

I picked up a copy of The Wiggles "Best Of" DVD which, for $13.95, was great value with over two hours of Wiggles fun. Noo absolutely loves The Wiggles. We have now watched it over 4 times since Sunday arvo! 

Laying back after a hectic weekend

The best news for me over the weekend is that I'm now tolerating sourdough toast just fine. I don't know about other bandsters but I was so worried about not being able to eat bread ever again. I just love toast! Especially Sonoma sourdough toast. The Bourke Street Bakery does a pretty good sourdough too, but I'm so loving Sonoma's polenta sourdough right now. 

Sourdough toast: one slice with Vegemite, one with ricotta and honey - Delicious!

The bad news re the band though is that I'm pretty hungry a lot of the time again. Can't wait to get that first fill on 18 October. I think I really need it. My weigh in on Monday showed I've only lost half a kilo in two weeks. That's only 1lb in a fortnight! Crap result. I'm eating healthily and half, if not a third, of the food I used to eat. I haven't had any chocolate or sweets for ages. My metabolism must be so shot from all the yo-yoing over the years. By 18 October it will be six weeks from the date of my op so I'll be able to start back at the gym then too. I really need to kick start the weightloss again somehow!

Thank goodness Noo was back at daycare yesterday. I think he was as excited to get back with his friends and teachers as I was for him to go. I spent the day getting my monthly mani/pedi and finally got stuck into all the work I need to complete for TAFE by next Tuesday. I've left everything til the last minute, which is terrible.

Someone asked me recently what I am studying. I did the first semester of an IT diploma in web development at the beginning of this year. I really enjoyed it but the "development" (programming) side was going to get a bit over my head in the second semester so I transferred to the Certificate IV web design course. I've done most of the units for the first semester of the cert IV so I've had a pretty easy semester workload wise. I have only had three subjects. The first is JavaScript which I did last semester but failed so am doing all over again. The second is Copyright & Ethics for which I have an assessment due next Tuesday and Design/FTP (file transfer protocol) which I pretty much did last semester anyway but I have to do a few classes to get this unit for the cert IV.

I've been so consumed with the band - the surgery, the diet, the blogs - its been so hard to focus on TAFE at all. I've got to knuckle down though because I really want to progress to the second semester and complete the certificate by mid next year. Then I really want to get back to work. God, I couldn't have even said those words out loud let alone type them just six months ago. I'm so nearly there. Shift this weight, get my qualification and then I think I'll have my confidence back to get back into the workforce. So, so close!

I'm trying to catch up on every one's blogs while Noo is in Wiggleland so will try to get around to say hi today.

Hope you are all having a great day.



Liz said...

Sounds like a fun weekend!! That breakfasat of eggs, asparagus and hollandaise sounds delicious!!

half a kg is STILL a loss. At least you haven't been putting on, so look at it that way. You could easily be choosing the wrong mushy or soft foods, there are tonnes of junk food items out there that you could have right now. But your staying healthy and thats a huge positive, so good work!!

Michelle said...

What a pretty face and smile :)

Katherine said...

Yum sourdough toast.... yummmmmmm I havnt be able to eat toast in such a long time!!!

Love the long weekend!!!

Ned is so cute!!

Bonnie said...

Thank God for videos. Barney was my daughter's babysitter quite a few times back in the day. Your first fill will be here before you know it.

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