Work with me is a PR friendly blog.

By writing from the heart, with integrity and honesty, my blog has attracted a small yet growing number of loyal readers. Joining the regulars for the fun and the drama – style – are many new visitors from Australia as well as from other areas of the globe. And the numbers are growing daily.
I love writing about and promoting issues, businesses and products that I feel align with my blog’s themes, my personal values and what I think my readers might enjoy. 

I would be open to participating in the following types of campaigns:
  • Product/service reviews
  • Giveaways for my lovely readers
  • Promotion of causes (eg FebFast, RUOK day, Droptober)
  • Sponsored representative at blogging events

Please contact me via any of the below to request a copy of my media kit.

Contact me
Vanessa Beattie
Email  babbling[dot]bandit[at]gmail[dot]com

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing from the heart on the subject of live trade. I'm feeling weary from doing battle with the 'do gooders' from AA. All attempts at rational debate are promptly squashed. Nice to know that people outside the farming community understand our lot.

Anonymous said...

I'm writing to you from the US - I've been sober 10 days (my third attempt in 12 years) and I was looking for a little reinforcement and your 10 reasons that sober life is better gave me just what I needed….every single one resonated big time with me, especially about being a good role model to my kids. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, will get me through another day, and perhaps even more than that.

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