Monday, October 25, 2010

A restricted week

Mondays are my weigh in day and I'm pleased to say I'm down another kilo to 91kg. I'm stoked but not surprised. The last week, since my first fill, have been difficult days with the band. I've been massively restricted and have experienced a lot of discomfort eating and drinking almost anything and everything. Either the 4mls I now have in my band was a lot to get started on or I did some damage that first day post fill by eating solid food which got stuck and therefore caused everything to swell down there. Either way, I've eaten very little since my weigh in last week.

Today I'm still feeling good restriction, much more than I was just before the fill, but less than last week. I really have to be mindful while I eat - which is the whole point of a lap band, isn't it? I must concentrate on the serving size, bite size and chewing time for each and every meal. Last night I had my first proper solid meal in a week and it was delicious. I managed to eat two medium rare lamb chops which my mum had marinated and cooked to perfection, with a piece of brocolini and two small roasted vine ripened tomatoes. Absolutely divine.

During the week I pretty much stuck to liquids but was lucky to be able to eat Cruskits and Corn Thins. For some reason they went down really easily. I love both with Vegemite or honey (or peanut butter, but I've stayed clear of that!). Delicious!

Arrrgh, I have blogger's block. Words are not coming to me easily tonight. I think I may be getting ill. Noo has had croup all weekend so we've had some tough nights with him coughing all through the night waking both of us up. Poor little thing. He's a tough one though. Still smiles all the time even when he's sick.

I'm going to keep this brief and say good night now.



The Candid Bandit said...


I hope you feel better soon.

I occassionally get the swelling after eating something that 'scratched' the side of my band. It would take a few days to go down.

My surgeon also told me that sometims when e are sick/congested it can make the band swell.

Thanks for the insight on the cruskits, I hadn't thought of them before.

Nikki said...

Yay for restriction and your 1lb. loss :)

cmacraven said...

Cruskits are my go to banding issues food.

Liz said...

One kg loss well done!!! Hopefully you don't catch Ned's cough and heres hoping you both feel better soon.

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