Thursday, October 7, 2010

I'm hungry!

I'm hungry! And its really annoying me. My first fill cannot come soon enough.

Thursday night is late night shopping here in Sydney so after I picked up Noo from kindy we walked into town for a special treat and have dinner out. Nothing special, just dinner in a foodcourt, so Noo could make all the mess he liked and I didn't have to clean it up. I got Noo's favourite Chinese noodles with Teriyaki chicken and he absolutely loved it. I, of course, shared it with him, feeling guilty with every mouthful as it was sweet and oily but delicious. I ate about the same amount as Noo, which wasn't really much so it wasn't too bad. Not great, but not terrible.

Getting stuck in!
After dinner I went shopping for a pair of pants or leggings to wear out Saturday night. I've been asked to a friend's birthday drinks and I need something nice and fresh to wear. I don't go out very much at night these days and I always get such bad anxiety just before I leave the house, especially when I'm going to a bar. I've probably only been to maybe six or so bars since I got sober in April 08. I don't have fears that I'm going to drink or anything, its just its the whole social thing of everyone dressed up to impress. I feel like an impostor, like I don't belong in these places any more. I feel like I'm too fat for these trendy Sydney scene bars. Argh, I'm getting worked up just typing this!

I have to go though. I think its important for my continued personal development to test my comfort zones and learn that I'm just as worthy as anyone else to enter these establishments, whether I'm big and whether I'm teetotal!

My sister bought me back a really lovely H&M dress/top from London that is black with silver beaded embellishments on the shoulders. I managed to pick up a pair of shiny leggings from TS to go with it. I also got a really flattering dress from TS and it was a small! That is something to be happy about!

I have some cool Camper platform sandals I bought last summer which will go perfectly with the H&M number so maybe all is not so bad for this drinks thing. I'll take photos of both outfit options on Saturday night to post Sunday so you can all see what I bought.

I still have so much TAFE work to get through before next Tuesday but at least I've nearly completed my copyright & ethics assignment. Just need to polish it off and then get stuck into my scripting study. This is where I need those extra five hours a day!

I best be off to bed now otherwise I'll be buggered for tomorrow. Noo is off daycare on Friday as usual so we'll be heading to playgroup together for some energising fun.

Hope all is well wherever you are.



Liz said...

I would have to say I think we are pretty darn similar!!! Thank god I have someone whos in the same rang as me as for banding. You got donw two weeks before me, but I'm cheating a bit I mean....not really but a little. I'm having mushed up pasta and stuff now. I don't think its too bad but we'll see. Thanks for your advice on my post!!

Looks like we can stick TAFE out together!! We can DO IT!!!

Two more things. 1. Dinner sounds DELICIOUS!!! And Ned can't have eaten much, so I'm pretty sure you didn't either. Really cute pictures of him hehe!!

and 2. The outfit sounds really nice!!! I 100% know what you mean about the anxiety about bars and things. I'm 20, my friends go out most saturday nights and invite me everytime. I've gone once. I had to get picked up by my parents cause I had a panic attack. So...I feel your pain. But its really, really good that you are having the guts to go, and I think it will be really good to start getting out there and fingers crossed this saturday night you won't feel too much anxiety. I'll be thinkin of ya! Can't wait to see the outfit :)

Ginger aka Gidget said...

Before your fill, eat a lot of boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Those will keep you fuller longer because it tends to "plug" up the "drain" that your band creates. Trust me - meat is your friend. LOL!

Michelle said...

Looks like he was enjoying his dinner, what a cutie!

Trudi said...

Ughhh I so know the getting dressed to go out, a million outfits strewn around the room, normally a few tears, followed when I get tohere by feeling that I am in totally the wrong place and what in the hell am I meant to say to these normal people anyway??? ARGGGGGGHHHH!

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