Monday, October 18, 2010

Gym, weight loss, fill (tomorrow)

This week has started well. Woke up to sunny skies this morning. That's two days in a row now which is great after a week of yucky volatile spring weather with rain and clouds and wind. And Noo is sleeping in til around 7.30am which is a massive sleep in when you're used to getting up at around 6am.

Took us ages to get ready with Noo back on his hunger strike/fussy eating behaviour. Drives me crazy that a child of mine could have "food issues". I just hope he grows out of them. We finally got out the door at around 9.30am, though it was hard getting the poor little thing down to kindy. This is common on a Monday after he's been with me for three days, especially if we've had a really fun weekend like this one.

Noo's day care centre is down the bottom of a very steep hill. I hate this hill. I even sometimes drive him down even though the centre is only just half a block away, about 250 metres or so, from our building. Seriously not far at all except for that bloody hill. There's no getting out of it by going around the block the other way because the centre is at the bottom of a kind of valley of steep road. Its steep no matter which way from the bottom you get back up. Its especially hard pushing up a 13kg boy in a stroller although most the time I get Noo to walk with his little teddy bear reins on.

So this morning, Noo didn't want to go to kindy, and he knew which direction we were going so I had to carry all 13 kegs down the hill. It was hard, but not as hard as carrying him up the hill, which I've done plenty of times.

I talk in detail about this as I am determined to beat this hill. One day, and one day soon, I will be able get up this hill and not huff and puff, but actually enjoy the vista it looks out on and get to the top feeling energised and ready to do it again.

This morning once Noo had settled with his little classmates I powered up that hill and straight into our building and into the gym, then straight on to the rowing machine to do 1000 metres. I was shocked I still had it in me! I haven't been to the gym since January! I huffed and I puffed and I went red in the face, but I did it!

After the rower, I did 3 sets of 20 bicep curls, 10 minutes fast walking on the treadmill and 5 mins on the bike. Not a massive workout but great all the same. Success! I felt great! I'm back.

To top it all off I think I've dropped 1.4kg. I say I think I've lost that much because the scales I usually weigh myself on have carked it and need a new battery (I'm off for a walk to Office Works this arvo to get one) so I had to use the other scales we have. They are usually about two kilos less than mine (which I bought from Boots in London, and strangely because of this, I love them). These other scales said I weighed... wait for it... 90kgs! Its just too good to be true! That would be my lowest weight since giving birth, but I know they are cheat's scales so that's why I added 2 kegs which would bring me to 92kg and therefore down 1.4kg from last week's weigh in number.

Still very exciting! Especially after a couple of slow loss weeks and especially after a week of almost normal eating.

After the gym I was desperate for a carbo load of pasta (especially seeing as after my fill tomorrow I probably won't stomach too many complex carbs).

I just chucked this delicious combo together with what I had in the fridge:

Tuna and avocado pasta
One nest of angel hair pasta
Half a small can of Italian tuna in olive oil
Half a tiny avocado
Chopped red onion
Pepper and salt
White balsamic vinegar
Little extra olive oil
Sprinkle of parmesan

So, so yummy! I had that about 2 hours ago and I'm still very satisfied.

As I've mentioned about 20 times in my last few posts tomorrow is my first appointment for a fill. It is at 3pm AEST so anyone reading can think of me then. Hahaha. Not really, but it is exiting, isn't it... been to the gym, dropped 1 and a half kegs and a fill tomorrow! What's not to be excited about!

Yay! Feeling on top of the world. Off to get this battery. I need an official weight asap.

Ciao for now.



Liz said...

1.4kg!! Well done! You're doing well even without a fill. And that pasta looks delish...might have to give it a try.

Good luck for the fill tomorrow!!!

Michelle said...

You seem to be doing very well. Thats great!

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