Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tightening continues

Oh goodness, I'm back to how I was in the first days post op and have loads of restriction. I can't eat anything really. Well nothing remotely solid or even mushie so it is back to fluids for me. 

Started the morning with a black coffee and water to take my meds with. Was stoked my tabs went down no probs. Attempted some low fat plain yogurt and tiny bits of watermelon but it was no good, the coffee was all I could manage.

I spent the morning at TAFE and as time wore on to about 10ish I started to feel quite hungry but I couldn't leave the class until 12. By the time lunchtime came around I was headachy and nauseous from the lack of sustenance. I rushed back home straight after class and made a skinny milk Milo as soon as I got in which was delicious. I had to sip, sip, sip and it took me about an hour to finish but at least it quelled my hunger somewhat.

Milo rocks!
Image owned by Nestle

Not long after the Milo I was hungry again so I thought I'd try some soft eggs. Uh oh, no. This was about half an hour ago and I'm still kind of feeling it where the egg got stuck for about 10 minutes.

These last two days with the band have certainly been a learning experience:

Lesson 1 - Ask the doctor more questions if information required is not immediately forthcoming.

Lesson 2 - Always play it safe: first start with liquids and then work your way up from there.

This it for today. Hope all is well out in Blogland.


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cmacraven said...

Hey - you must have a 10 ml band.

I have a 5 ml, and the slightest fill can muck me around.

Process of elimination - if you had a 5 ml band with 4 mls, you would be EXTREMELY tight!

Good luck for the rest of the day - risotto is my go to food when I'm in trouble.

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