Sunday, October 17, 2010

Toey week ends with a kid's party

What a week! I don't even know where to start. I've just been so busy and up and down and even kind of sideways.

I mentioned briefly in my last post that my dad had an incident with a circular saw on Tuesday night. Basically he was trying to cut a piece of timber for some shelves he was kindly making for me and as he started to cut the wood the saw jambed and jumped off the bench and on to his big toe. Luckily, knowing his old saw wouldn't automatically turn off after such an incident, he quickly pulled the cord out of the power point but it was only when the blade came in contact with flesh and bone that it stopped rotating. So, so gross.

My poor dad then had to spend the night out in a hospital way out west of Sydney, kind of half way between where he usually lives in the Blue Mountains and our apartment here in the city. Its one of Sydney's largest public hospital which services way too many people and is majorly under funded and under staffed. The ambulance got him to emergency by 7pm but he was not seen by a surgeon until 4.30 on Wednesday morning!

Anyway, without boring you with the details of this story (or getting into a political discussion on why NSW's public health facilities are such a disgrace), dad and his big toe has taken up a lot of my time this week - getting him back from Woop Woop (Aussie term for any town miles away), organising a wheelchair, getting him to the GP, organising painkillers and the rest. Poor, poor dad. He is going to be ok although being immobile is not something he is used to or something he'd like to get used to but the poor bugger probably needs a forced rest as he hasn't really taken any time to relax since retiring two years ago.

As far as the band goes, I may as well not even have one. I'm pretty much hungry all the time. When I have eaten, I've tried to make healthy choices and I have been filling up much more quickly than pre band, but that feeling of fullness doesn't last long so I've been snacking a lot on whatever is around.

Today we went to my best friend's youngest daughter's 3rd birthday. I love kids parties! Loved them when I was little, love them now I'm one of the grown ups. Love the food and the games and the giggles! The diet was fully out the window as we had chocolate crackles, fairy bread, lollies, birthday cake... it was all delicious. I tried to not be as piggy as usual, but I didn't say no to anything.

Check out how different Noo and I look today compared to the same picture taken at a party 16 months previous... 

Noo and me today at Ashley's 3rd birthday - 17 Oct 2010

Noo and me at Ash's sister Madison's 3rd birthday - 14 Jun 09

Can't imagine what my weigh in will be like tomorrow morning after all the eating I've done this week. I've been feeling much better in my clothes though. Wore an M Line dress I haven't been able to wear for ages on Friday which felt good. People are starting to notice that I'm losing weight too which hopefully signals another loss tomorrow.  It is also my first fill on Tuesday. Cannot wait! I seriously need it. No more excuses about the gym any more either... maybe I should commit my fat arse to going tomorrow seeing as Noo is in kindy. I am planning to be glued to my computer screen and Notepad++, writing and debugging JavaScript code tomorrow in preparation for my exam on Wednesday arvo, but I should really try to fit in at least 30 minutes at the gym.

It is 9pm yet still my child will not sleep. I think all those lollies through the day have adversely affected him. He is on a sugar detox as of tomorrow!

Night all


Trudi said...

Ughhh your poor Dad! Your poor Dad's toe!!!

Don't worry about what you have eaten too much, I have been the queen of bad and managed to maintain/loose a little. It always happens when we go away for a weekend I seem to think it gives me a license to eat what I like...tell me why oh why do I never feel restriction eating chocolate?!?!?!?!

Michelle said...

I hope your dad gets better quick!

Ah going through bandster hell huh. Been there no worries it will pass, don't give up tomorrow is a new day. Drink lots of water and make sure you excercise.

Your looking good!

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