Wednesday, October 20, 2010

First fill - first almost PB

So I had my first fill yesterday. Also found out I had 3mls in there already and my doctor added another ml making it 4mls all up. Whatever that means... I don't even know the capacity of the thing. Must ask next time. It was very quick and stung a little but overall not too bad an experience. My port area was tender afterwards but when I woke up this morning it was fine.

Its been strange the last 24 hours trying to be more conscious of what and how I eat again. Prior to the adjustment I'd been eating healthy food quite freely. When I got home after my appointment and had a glass of water and I pretty much felt a difference straight away. Not major, but definitely having to sip more that gulp. For dinner we had leftovers of the delicious chicken cacciatore with rissoni my mum had made for dinner the night before. So, so good. I only had half what I ate the first time we had it which was a good sign.

Today, I really started to notice a difference. I wasn't quite sure what to have for brekky but I knew I was hungry. Started with a black coffee and a glass of water. All good. We were low on supplies so I ended up having four Cruskits with Vegemite and olive spread which sustained me til about 11am. Cruskits are delicious but they are very high GI and generally not great nutritionally, but they are pretty easy to eat as they just kind of melt in the mouth. My son loved them in the early days of starting on solids when he still didn't have any teeth so I figured they'd be ok to get through the band when crunched with my full set of gnashers.

The trouble came at lunch. Mum, Noo and I went to the markets to pick up some fresh fruit and vegies and so Noo could play in the playground there. I don't know about markets in other cities in Australia, but in markets all over Sydney there is always a Turkish Gozleme stall available. If you don't know what Gozleme is or have never tasted it, it is the most delicious way you can eat spinach on the planet. 

Turkish Gozleme
(picture borrowed from
It comes with different fillings but I would say the most popular is cheese and spinach. I also love it with mince lamb. Oh god, it is good. Its kind of a doughy crepe like mixture which is spread on a bbq plate, filling added, turned over and grilled until the dough is all crispy and yummy and sensational at around $8 a plate - a total winner. Not sure of calories, but anyway, I've gone on way more than necessary.

So mum and I got a plate of Gozleme to share. I ate two pieces very, very slowly, chewing, chewing, chewing. No probs at all. Then Noo made a dash from where we were sitting outside on the lawn back into the market. My anxiety levels rose as he started bolting between people and market stalls and I nearly knocked a woman carrying a fresh cup of coffee to the ground trying to catch him. Aaaahhh, its hard having a bolter! 

So a combination of Gozleme sitting in my pouch, high anxiety and then, once I caught Noo again and got him back to our table, I took a big gulp of his apple juice without thinking. BIG mistake! By this stage mum had taken over Noo patrol and they were over the other side of the lawn when halfway through the juice going down I knew I was in trouble. I still had more juice swilling around my gob but I didn't want to just spit it out in front of all the parents and kids enjoying their picnics in the sun so I swallowed it. Another BIG mistake. The pain was full on and incredibly uncomfortable. I could feel the juice and the dough and spinach kind of competing with one another to squeeze down the hole and into my stomach. And then the burps began. 

Mum was still over the other side of the grassed area with Noo running in circles around her. I was staring in their direction trying to send telepathic messages of SOS, I NEED HELP, I'M GONNA SPEW!

Froth started to rise up my throat, nausea was rocking through my body as I stood there not moving, as straight as a pole and white as a ghost willing for the episode to end. My eyes darted from the picnickers 3 metres on my right to the wheelie bin 4 metres in front of me and then to the grandmother on the next table just to the left. Should I just run to the bin and vomit it up? I could just pretend I was preggers with number two and morning sickness was the cause of the public oral evacuation of my stomach. What to do? What to do?

But before I knew it the food fell through. The relief was incredible. I quickly piled up the stroller with our stuff and walked over to mum (still being circled by Noo and another little boy by then) so thankful that I still had my pride intact. I've got to tell you though, I felt terrible for about half an hour. Not just physically, but emotionally. I was really rocked by the whole affair. I just hope I have learnt my lesson. Choose food wisely, chew properly, avoid fluids during a meal and keep the bolter bolted down while I'm trying to eat my lunch!

Now time to attempt dinner...



Seeing in colour said...

Hmmm did your doc say you could have solids the next day after a fill?!

You probably shouldnt have had solids so quick after a fill that might have been the problem.

I have that feeling alot the stuck and nearly throwing up but then throwing up.... its scary and painful :(

The Babbling Bandit said...

That was the thing... he didn't mention it. I should have asked because I know most people on here say they do liquids for the first 24 hours. Oh well, I'm through that now. Taking it very easy too so hopefully it'll be ok. V.

Liz said...

Ohhh that doesn't sound fun!! I have the same as you, 3ml in my band now and I will get more for my first fill. Sounds like it was a bit touch and go there but hoepfully things are all good with the fill now. Let me know how you are feeling restriction wise, I'm quite interested!!

Liz said...

Oh no! I am definitely not looking forward to my first PB. I just got my first fill as well, and my surgeon's rules are liquids for 2 days, mushies for 2 more. Last night, while I was still supposed to be on liquids, I snuck some solid food in there...and while I didn't run into any trouble, let me tell you...I definitely felt it!

I bought some chewable papaya enzymes based on recommendations from other bandsters...they dissolve the stuck food....I haven't gotten full on stuck yet, but a little bit. When I do, I pop a few of those and it does really help.

Something About Kellie said...

Ah the joys of a bolter!! I have a 22 month old bolter! She's a handful but I love her to bits!

Public displays of vomiting are never classy - glad you avoided it.


Outback Bandit said...

Im really not looking forward to my 1st PB either. Thank goodness it finally went through, and you didnt vomit :(

Yep, I've been advised it's liquids only the day after a fill.

I want to try a Gozleme now! :)

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