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babblingbandit.me is all about ME – Vanessa: An Aussie chick with an awesome four year old son called Ned, more than a few ‘issues’ and a serious case of ‘Overshare Disorder’.

My passions include: Ned and my wonderful family (particularly my gorgeous niece), my iGadgets, the Web, music, film, American TV, coffee, Diet Coke and chocolate. Oh and shopping.

I am a reformed party animal, long time fat girl constantly fighting the mental battle between the deliciousness of cake and society's ideals of an acceptable female body.

Falling pregnant forced me to look hard at my life that was crumbling around me and five years ago I finally walked away from the highlife and my trashbag ways and fell head first into sole parenting.

I'm very proud to have clocked up over five years of sobriety, although I still suffer from depression and anxiety and have recently been diagnosed with ADHD.

babblingbandit.me is where I write about the trials and tribulations of my continuing journey from Rock Bottom to Parenthood.

For the entertainment of my readers no detail is spared.

But more importantly, my goal is to help break down the stereotypes and stigma associated with sole parenting, mental health issues, as well as addiction in recovery.

Thank you so much for stopping by.



NessofBoganville said...

Hi, from another Vanessa, or Ness, as most people call me. Also a chocolate and sugar addict. Looking forward to reading more here. :)

Carly Findlay said...

Just want to thank you for including me on your blog roll, but more importantly, congratulate you on your bravery in your honesty in the post about your battle with alcohol. Best of luck with your recovery, and know that so many people will be able to relate to your story (and hopefully seek help).

Anonymous said...

Hi bandit, I'm male in Oz with anxiety/weight issues benzo i hate it..my life feels stuck and i cannot budget the weight, does your forum have a message board?

Seana- Sydney, Kids, Food + Travel said...

Me again, just saying hello, I am the opposite to you, have been very depressed but don't get anxious, how weird. Being depressed feels like being CRUSHED o me, mainly self-induced these days as I have severe over-busyness disorder.

Also long-time comfort eater but getting that much better managed. You SO do not look overweight at all in the photo, but I do empathise with the sugar cravings. I try to get a hit of adrenelin when they come ie run up stairs, just as I did when stopping smoking years ago (one of the things I am most proud of in life.)

tamzentemple said...

you go girl. putting it all out there makes you tough and real. great to see xx

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