Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Whinge alert

Before you go any further, please take note...

Not feeling 100% today, both mentally and physically. I feel wiped out. I think my diet is seriously lacking in some real sustenance as I just feel so exhausted and weak. 

Today I had a stack of shopping to do. Fun kind of shopping like buying Noo some new shorts for summer and getting my mum a birthday present but walking around the shops I felt like I weighed about 100 tonnes and I didn't really enjoy it as much as I usually would (I am a shopaholic after all).  

I had lunch with a very good friend of mine which was the highlight of the day. The only problem was I made a stupid food decision. I'm finding it so hard to find appropriate food to eat when I go out and I'm still massively over ordering and therefore wasting money as I through so much food away. Also, its just become apparent to me how enormous a standard serve of food is at a food court - anywhere really - no wonder there's a serious obesity problem here in Australia.

I almost went for Nandos flame grilled chicken ribs because I figured they can't be too bad and there's no carbs (still too frightened to try rice, potato (unless mashed), pasta or bread) but instead went for a bolognaise crepe because its soft. The crepe was absolutely massive so I only really ate about 4-6 small mouthfuls and it was all cheesy and tasted naughty as. I washed it down with half a medium (should have ordered small) fresh vegetable juice. That was nearly four hours ago and I'm still uncomfortable. I feel kind of achy in the centre of my chest and around the port area, as well as my back is aching from walking around town all morning. I feel like I've got no strength in my abdo area at all and like I've got a stitch all over.

Whinge, whinge, whinge, whinge, whinge! 

My mission today to find my mum a birthday pressie was a challenge. I was thinking along the line of nice scarf, make up, jewellery and also looked everywhere for glass salad plates which she mentioned wanting a little while ago. No luck on any of the above. Finally I went to Hunt Leather in the MLC building and got the score of the century - a beautiful bright red handcrafted Italian leather wallet that was reduced from $375 to $260. Bargain! (God I hope my mum has stopped reading my blog otherwise this won't be a surprise on Sunday.) I'm going halvies with my bro and sister in law, otherwise it would totally be out of my price range.

I love buying presents for people! I just wish I had more money to shop with. 

So tomorrow is my big appointment with the surgeon, dietitian and psych. Its going to be interesting I hope. I'm not losing as fast as I'd like to be - I wish they had some sort of pill that was a metabolism speeder upperer. Something that wasn't a stimulant or amphetamine but would just make you burn calories quicker without having to go to the gym and without making you feel like a nervous wreck on speed. Hahahaha. As if. Actually I wish I could invent such a Metabolism Speeder Upperer (that's what I'd call it too) and then I'd be a rich woman and could do all the present shopping I wanted!

The other reason behind the abdo pains is that my little bundle of joy kicked me in the guts half the night. Gees, he was restless! Drove me crazy half the night. And he was up before 5.30am again. I think he misses his Nan and Pa and thank goodness they're back tonight.

As you can tell Noo and I co-share my bed. I tried to get him back into his cot months ago but he wasn't having it at all. I bought him a toddler bed thinking he'd like a big bed that didn't feel like a jail cell but no, he found his way back into mummy's bed. I don't mind most of the time, except when he has night like last night.

Anyways, enough moaning from me. Its not that bad. I have a pretty good life right now and I should stop and smell the roses rather than bitch about the little things.

Hope you have all had better days than me!



The Candid Bandit said...

Thank you so much for popping over and having a read and leaving thoughts.

I love finding new people on the same journey as me. I love your blog, it's beautifully set out and written.

I am typing this between clients so I haven't read back through archives but wanted to say "Hi" and great to meet you.


Seeing in colour said...

I dont think your moaning... i think your doing fine you just had a bit of an off day. You might have been stuck from you lunch and it didnt move for ages.... i jump up and down when i get stuck... i look like a looser but in most circumstances it passes quicker ahahah

Im sure you will have plenty more fun shopping trips to come ahah!

Something About Kellie said...

The portions here are huge aren't they? I never really paid much attention before .. lol hence the need for lapband!

Don't worry Ned will eventually stay in his own bed :) Hang in there.

blackbandchic said...

Sounds like you might be lacking in iron or something...are you getting enough protein in your diet?
I get that uncomfortable achy feeling around my port, but with shoulder pain if i try to eat too much.
My daughter liked communal sleeping as well, and became very good at sneaking into our bed in the middle of the night...I didn't mind it but it drove my husband mad...but she then would just get in on my side of the bed instead of climbing in the middle!! But she was sleeping through in her own bed by the time she went to school..LOL!!
If my husband goes away, or is on night shift, she will still sleep with me....and she is 10...but at least she doesn't kick!!
Hope you have a better day tomorrow...good luck at your appointments x

Lynne said...

Your not complaining girl. This is a new journey for us all and it will take a while to find all the ins and outs and what works for us. It takes time to find perfection and I know you will.

I am a shopoholic also! :) Seriously. bad. shopping. addict. Love shoes and purses and SCARVES! :)

Michelle said...

Hang in there, it really does take getting use to. You'll slowly figure out whats good and whats bad for you. Your doing great!

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