Friday, September 10, 2010

The recovery continues

So its day five of my life as a Bandit. I'm still pretty uncomfortable. I am not sleeping properly because my wounds still sting and sort of burn, particularly the left one where the port is. Its like I have a stitch all the time. Then there's the wind pain which is like a kind of burning down my esophagus that tightens every so often and takes my breath away with its intensity. I'm quite hungry too because I just can't drink those protein shakes. Ugh, they are disgusting! I've tried Optifast and Up&Go and they are vile. The Sustagen I had in the hospital was tolerable so I think I'll have to leave the house and get some of those.

In the meantime though, I've continued to have various versions of the classic egg flip. This morning's concoction is particularly yummy:

1.5 cups skim milk
2 tblsp Ski D'Lite Honey Buzz yogurt
1 tsp honey
1 whole egg
2 tsp Benefibre

Blend it in the blender and Bob's your aunty's live in lover!

Honey Buzz Egg Flip
Last night I also had two half cups (about an hour apart) of my mum's broccoli soup, which was delicious. It was lovely to eat something savoury.

Noo offering up some of his morning porridge

I'm still so full of wind and I haven't been to the toilet since Saturday so I'm not getting on the scales until Monday. I'll try some De-Gas today and hopefully that will help and my tummy won't feel so much like a blown up balloon.

I still haven't left the house since I got back from the hospital. I feel too sensitive and too tired because I'm still taking loads of pain meds. I'm not comfortable putting on a bra yet and there's no way that I'm leaving the house without the puppies strapped into place!

This has meant I've spent most of the week reading blogs and watching tv. I've been catching up on Hung, Entourage and Mad Men. This week's episode of Mad Men was particularly good. I've always loved Don and Peggy's relationship and this episode just nailed it - the way they are so different yet understand each other on such an intimate level.

I must say I'm starting to find this recovery part a little hard. I'm tired, uncomfortable, feel squeezy and kind of hungry. I just can't wait until this healing process is over and I can start to eat real food again. Even mushies are looking good right now! I just have to keep going over my Positive thoughts to remind myself why I'm going through all this.

I'm off to have a lie down.



The Banded Lady said...

You can do it, it gets better - I promise. I spent practically the first week with an ice pack around my middle if that helps.

Michelle said...

The best thing for gas that I came to find is walk. Don't over do it though. First week sucks but it'll get better promise :)

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