Wednesday, September 15, 2010

To the lap band inside of me - You are my hero!

Arrrgghh, its late, I should be considering going to bed rather than writing a post but I want to get this down. Noo took so long to get to sleep tonight and now I need some 'me' time. Its the worst part of my day, every day, trying to get that little boy to settle down and quieten his mind to go to sleep.

I snuck on the scales again this morning despite swearing I would only weigh in once a week. I'm down another kilo, that's about 2.2lb. Stoked, totally stoked. Did my measurements too, and they were all down. I suppose it'll settle down a bit soon though. I just really want to lose 20 kg by Christmas. To get to my pre-breakdown weight would be such an amazing feeling for me. 

On the recovery front, I'm feeling pretty good. My wounds are healing really well. Its only the left one where the port is that is still causing me grief. It really stings at times, especially when bending over (which is all the time to pick up toys, etc, all day long!). I've been naughty and have been picking up Noo for three days now but its impossible not too.  He's about 12.5kg and getting really heavy to carry now. Can't wait to get back to the gym and do some weights!

Food intake has been strange, as has the feeling of restriction. It has really varied from day to day. Monday I felt able to consume a lot of liquids quite comfortably over the course of the day. This is what I ate:

1/4 cup tea with skim milk and sugar
1/4 cup very runny kids instant oats with Chia gel

Morning tea
300ml chocolate milk (naughty I know)

1/4 cup potato and leek soup
1/4 cup low fat ice cream

Afternoon tea
1/2 cup skim milk instant coffee with Equal
1/4 cup pumpkin soup

Tuesday was another story completely. I had a tight feeling in my chest as Bonnie (Banded and Proud of it!) described in her blog a couple of weeks ago. Luckily, like Bonnie, the feeling went away the next day, but gees, it was mighty uncomfortable. As a result I only ate small amounts of fruit Chia smoothies.

Today has been much better. I had my first full regular skim cappuccino this morning. Woohoo! I love my skim caps. I used to always drink a large skim cap with 2 Equals and I'm finding it hard to adjust to asking for a regular. Its good though. I'm just so happy not to be hungry All. The. Time. any more. I feel so liberated!

I had 1/2 cup of mum's tomato and bacon soup whizzed up with little pieces of avocado for lunch, which sat well. Didn't manage much for dinner though. Tried to eat a runny scrabbled egg, but it scared me because it was much thicker than anything else I've tried so far, so I only managed 2 tiny mouthfuls.

I even went into one of my favourite patisseries this arvo to get my mum some cake and was not bothered by it at all. Instead I went to the supermarket and bought a Nestle diet chocolate moose, which is one Weight Watches point. I've been getting through that tiny tub of moose over the last two hours and I still can't finish it.

Its a miracle! I just hope this feeling of restriction lasts! I finally see a light at the end of the tunnel after so many years of dieting struggles. This band is my hero! I love it!

My hero!
Its 11pm so I'm off to bed. Hope you all have a great night/day, wherever you may be.



Lynne said...

What a beautiful post to read first thing this morning; thank you! I am so glad your numbers continue to go down and everything is falling into place. :) The pumpkin soup? Do you have a recipe for that? Yummm....

The Banded Lady said...

Great job on recovery, I am so happy for you!

Michelle said...

Congrats on your loss and glad to hear your doing better and healing great!

Yea the port area will be tender from time to time. I'm 2 months out and my port site still gets sore from time to time. It'll be ok hang in there.

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