Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A new Bandit in town!

It's done! I am officially a bandit!

I'm in a lot of pain and discomfort but I have absolutely no regrets. I'm too whacked out on pain meds so I won't write a lot tonight, but here are some pics from the last couple of days.

Front view - morning of the op
Side view - morning of the op
Back view - morning of the op
Waiting to go to theatre - love those DVT socks!
Another gorgeous (not) pic

I have some post op photos that I'll load tomorrow.




Josie said...

Hey hun!
Glad you made it to the other side. You will be in pain. Gas pain will be horrible. Sleeping will be easy. You won't want to do much for a while.
Now it's time to begin!! woot woot!!:)

Miss Vickie "The Queen Bee" said...

Congratulations! I have no regrets either. Just take it easy and you will be feeling great soon!

Sam said...

Welcome to the other side:)

The Babbling Bandit said...

Thanks girls! Can't wait for those scales to start going down in numbers.

Seeing in colour said...


Michelle said...

Welcome and Congrats!

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