Thursday, September 23, 2010

Back in jeans!

Thursday morning
Another milestone has been reached - I'm finally back into my "fat" jeans. They are pretty cool fat jeans though. Size 18 (Aussie size 20) American Not Your Daughters Jeans tummy tuck jeans which cost me over $250 last year (I bet they cost nowhere near that in the States!). They are so compfy and flattering. They are the best cut jeans for plus size girls I have ever tried on. I have a pair of blue bootlegs and a pair of black straight cuts. I'm so glad to be out of leggings! I don't want to stay in these too long though, as there are a pile of smaller jeans just waiting for me to fit into them, including another pair of NYDJ blue straight cuts in size US16 (Aussie size 18). And my UK14 (Aussie size 12) Seven For All Mankinds just laying in my draw patiently waiting for me to get that first 20 kegs off.

I've started to fantasise about my summer wardrobe should I continue on this current rate of weightloss. My sister and her husband are currently enjoying a two week stint in Berlin, Paris and London (nice for some!) and Yo, my sister, said she would get me a cool "goal" dress from London - something to aim for. I've been checking out some of the UK High Street stores online and am surprised there's not much in season at the moment that I like.  I did however find these two maxi dresses from Next (of all places).

I particularly like the second one. I love jersey knit and I love maxi dresses because they hide my dreadful knock kneed legs. God, to be as slim as the model in the picture! It will never happen, but I'm cool with that.

I just love clothes and makeup and having nice hair, etc, but when I'm really big, like I am now, I just can't be bothered a lot of the time. Being fair means I really should wear makeup everyday because I look terrible without it. Also my hair is frizz city unless I blowdry it. Once the effort has been made though, I scrub up quite well. But who can be bothered when I'm invisible anyway, no matter what makeup or clothes I wear, because I'm fat!

Not much else to report today. Its kinda cold and windy and overcast here in Sydney. Noo is at kindy and I am trying to catch up on all the tafe work I have missed this term.

Thursday afternoon

Didn't get any tafe work done. Instead I watched Brooklyn's Finest which was pretty bad. Very slow with a couple of strange plot lines that never really connected. I had a delicious lunch though. I should really have taken a picture. I had a small piece of Atlantic salmon I cooked last night with a quarter of an avocado and an egg on top. Protein bonanza! It was sooooo good. Now I'm trying to eat the rest of the salmon with a little mash potato but its not going down as well.

One of my oldest friends came over for a visit this arvo. She's 20 weeks pregnant and after having a coffee I took her to the two maternity shops with have in the city. Its crazy but that's all there is for pregnant women in the city of Sydney. There's a baby boom here at the moment too - pregnant women every where! Looking at the beautiful clothes made me sigh and think for a minute if I'd like another one. It wasn't long, probably a nano second, before I could answer with a resounding NO! I love my boy to death and wouldn't have it any other way to be a single mum but there's no way I could do a second one on my own. Hopefully that will come sometime in the future if I ever meet the right guy.

I've talked enough today so I'll say farewell. Looking forward to my three days hanging with Noo Noo.



Katherine said...

The "next" jean size is such a massive incentive... I am now at the point where I can get into target stretch 16's but the 14's feel so far away.... Congrats on your weightloss so far your doing an awesome job xxxx

Nola said...

Congrats on how well you are doing with your weight loss.....
I love those maxi dresses and think I may have to invest in a couple for this summer myself:)

Michelle said...

Congrats on your weight loss so far! Your doing a great job!

Lynne said...

love the dresses. i can't wait to fit back into my jeans. what a joyous moment that will be! congrats too you!

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