Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mountain mushies

I haven't been online for a couple of days, so my blog reading and blog posting is behind. Noo and I came up to my parents place in the Blue Mountains. Its beautiful up here at the moment as Spring has definitely started with daffodils blooming everywhere. Though it is freezing at night still, during the day the weather is lovely and warm sitting out in the sun overlooking the Wollemi Valley.

It has been a very interesting couple of days bandwise. Thursday night we had a dinner with the family for my Dad's birthday. I love our family dinners in our apartment. My brother and sister in law and my sister came over for a big feast of cheese souffle, prawns and oysters with salad with a cheese platter and chocolates for dessert. I, on the other hand, had half a small avocado with salt and pepper and a couple of mouthfuls of the souffle for dinner. This is interesting on two points; 1. I'm on mushies (yay!) and 2. I sat through watching my family eat all that delicious food and was quite cool with it. When the choccies came out it was really, really hard not to just pop one in my gob and suck it but I used all the restraint I had to say no.

I am so stoked to be on mushie food. I know I was suppose to wait til 14 days had passed but by Thursday I wasn't feeling satisfied any more with just liquids. I really felt that they were passing through much easier than they had and that I needed something thicker to fill my new mini stomach - the pouch.

Friday night, our first night up the Mountains, mum made this delicious looking pork roast with lots of roast vegies and apples and crackling. Roast pork is definitely my favourite baked dinner. I got by with sharing a small avocado with a vinaigrette with Noo. He had about 2/3 and I finished the rest. (Crikey! My son has never been a good eater, but now he eats more than me!) I was ok to settle with that until dad brought Noo some chopped up roast potato and pumpkin. He wasn't interested in it so I mashed it up and had a couple of mouthfuls. I knew I shouldn't because the band was definitely telling me I was done. But those roast vegies looked so bloody good! 

So I had the two mouthfuls and at first I felt fine. Minutes passed, all was good until all of a sudden I started to feel way too full. Stuffed. Uncomfortably stuffed. It was my first experience of getting food stuck and I am only just under two weeks post op. I felt terrible! I walked around the house moaning and groaning and my parents couldn't believe I was so chockers after having such a tiny amount to eat. I couldn't stand it so I went to bed with Noo really early and thankfully when I woke up I felt back to normal.

I have been eating much more carefully since. Saturday night I cooked up some lean beef mince with Moroccan spices, onion, garlic, tomatoes, raisins and pine nuts. It looked delicious but too chunky so I put it in the blender and pureed it like baby food. It didn't look so good any more, but tasted divine! Especially for someone who hadn't eaten any meat in nearly two weeks. 

Today my parents, Noo and I went to the local workmen's club in Lithgow for dad's birthday. Mum and dad had steaks and I ordered a plate of vegies and mash. Noo shared off everyone's plates. They served just a scoop of mash which I added tomato sauce to, mashing in some of the roast pumpkin and corn and peas that were also served. I only managed a small bit but it was good. Good that it didn't fit through a straw kind of good. My parents loved their steaks and Noo had a great day all round. He's such a chatterbox! Can't say many words yet, but gees he likes to talk. Its cute really. Here's some action shots of Noo in full conversational mode...

Chatterbox Noo

Tomorrow is my two week weigh in. I'm nervous and excited at the same time. Nervous because I've really set myself up to think I'm going to get massive drops in these early weeks post op and I'll be devastated if I don't, but pretty excited because I do think I've dropped another couple of kegs.

I'm off to catch up on blogs.
Good night all. 


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Sam said...

I think it is quite common to over eat in the first couple of weeks, I know I did it at least twice :) It is still so new that it is really very easy to forget and hard to judge how little we actually need. You are doing great :D

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