Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 2 of 10 day "Getting Serious" diet

Before I go on about my band, I have to mention the Queensland floods. If you haven't heard about it already, 80% of our great state of Queensland has been declared a disaster zone due to devastating floods. 13 people are dead, 50 are missing and thousands have been made homeless. 30,000 more properties are expected to be inundated by flood waters tomorrow, when the Brisbane River peaks.

"The Queensland capital is now the scene of a natural disaster
unprecedented in contemporary Australia."
The Australian - 12 January 2010

Ipswich, just west of Brisbane, inundated by floodwaters.
Photo: The Australian

If you haven't already, please donate whatever you can to help these poor people. The Queensland Government has a site where anyone can donate. There's even details for international donations. Thank you!

My thoughts are with everyone in Queensland and anyone who has family there. This is a terrible time but I know the Aussie spirit will get you though it.

Now on to band news...

After weighing in at 88.2kg in the morning at home, when I had the appointment with my surgeon at 1pm, I clocked in at 88.8kg. Yuck. He didn't say it flatout but he basically said I need to step up my game because I've been plateauing for too long. I agree, hence my Getting Serious diet which I started yesterday. He added half of what was removed when I had the unfill at the end of last year which must have been about .5ml of saline. I've lost track where I'm up to now but I think my band should be around half full at 5ml. 

Feeling ok today. Woke up STARVING. Last night I just had some vegies sautéed in olive oil served with a very thin slice of a chicken terrine my dad had made on the weekend. 

Today I survived my first full day without sugar, dairy or complex carbs. Here's the list:

1 egg, fried with a short spray of canola oil

Morning tea
1 cup fruit salad

Lentil and tuna salad: chopped celery, carrot, parsley, corianda; lentils; roasted pinenuts; 1 small can tuna; dressing of olive oil, white balsamic vinegar, lemon juice

Afternoon tea
2 small plums
Small handful raw almonds

1 cup Mapo tofu pork: pork mince, tofu, chili paste, soy sauce, garlic, ginger, corianda, green onions

I was quite content after I finished dinner but I'm a bit hungry again now, just two hours later.

I have had a wicked hunger headache all day which I suppose is a result of eating less and withdrawing from sugar and carbs. The first couple of days are the worst though so hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow.

So, two days down, eight to go.

I have just got to repeat Kate Moss's motto: "nothing tastes as good as being skinny feels"!

Hope all is well out in blogland.


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