Tuesday, January 18, 2011

10 day "Getting Serious" diet lasted 5 days

Hey all

It is suppose to be day eight of my ten day Getting Serious diet but I caved at day six with a slice of banana cake. A bit disappointing but the five days worked a treat because I weighed in yesterday down 1.9kg (or 4.2lb). Very happy with that result.

I'm being far less strict this week adding dairy back into my diet but still restricting fat, sugars and carbs. I'm only 1.3kg from my next weight loss goal so with more good eating this week I'll hopefully get there on my next weigh in.

Thanks go to Miss Vickie and The Silver Haired Goddess for their comments on my last post. I was so baffled about getting stuck all the time last week and it wasn't until these two lovely ladies pointed out the obvious that I realised I've got to get back to basics with my band. They reminded me about one of the golden rules - chew, chew, chew! Since then I have been taking it slower, chewing more thoroughly and have had a better time with my eating.

I have pretty good restriction at the moment. I'm definitely not as hungry as I reported over the weekend which I think is because I've been out and about these last two days. When I'm home and studying in front of the computer all I want to do is eat. Preparing food is a subconscious procrastination technique. Like cleaning. I never clean unless there's something else I should be doing that I don't want to do or that seems too hard.

Lunch: Delicious rye crispbread with my homemade guacamole
eaten while studying
I can wear belts!
So with the loss of these last two kilos I've gained the ability to wear a belt! The above picture isn't a great photo but I just thought I'd show you my outfit from Sunday. I love this dress I picked up from Kmart, of all places, a couple of weeks ago for $19. The belt and pink rose earrings are from Sportsgirl. And my shoes are from my favourite shoe shop Camper.

Weight off my shoulders
I got the necklace I'm wearing in the above photo from Glamadonna  for my birthday in 2009. I have never really worn it until now because my neckline and shoulders were just too fat for it and it didn't sit right. Now I think it looks great. So many unexpected positives about losing weight!

Well that is enough from me tonight. Noo and I have had a very busy day at the pool. Here's a gorgeous photo of the kids asking for ice creams at the canteen. Too cute.

From left to right that's Ashie, Noo, Maddie, Ruby and Max
Bye for now.



Miss Vickie "The Queen Bee" said...

So glad you are feeling better! Great job with your weight loss, and I love your outfit! Keep up the great work!

Something About Kellie said...

5 days is still really impressive - I am not sure I could cut out everything you did for even that long.

I am day 3 into my NO FARMERS UNION ICED COFFEE week and I am climbing the walls!!!!

Great job on the loss and the outfit is very cute :)

Outback Bandit said...

I nominated you for an award on my blog :)

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