Saturday, January 8, 2011

5 minute check in/anxiety reliever

Feeling blah today. Mum and dad have gone back up to the Blue Mountains after having been with us for a month. My sister is busy and most of my friends are away. I'm kind of feeling the solitude today - in an uncomfortable way. Not that I'm on my own. Noo is here, but you know what I mean... adult company is what I'm missing.

It is a beautiful warm day here but we are in doors so I can spend time on my uni work. I feel bad cos the TV has been on all day as a distraction for Noo. We did go down for a swim at 9 this morning and played around for about 40 minutes but Noo, understandably, is dying to get out again.

It is the Sydney Festival First Night tonight which starts off at 3pm with stuff for kids. Noo and I will walk up to Hyde Park in a little while to check it out. 

I have a little anxiety today and I'm going to type out the reasons and hopefully that will help quell that nauseous guilty feeling I have at the moment.

1. I feel bad Noo is stuck in doors.
2. A month of bad eating is starting to take its toll. Feel fat, especially around my face. Also feel guilty that I've let myself off my diet for so long. Desperately need a fill!
3. I have so much uni work to do for just the one unit. Either university is just massively more work than TAFE or I'm not good at managing my workload... maybe I'm spending more time on things than I need too.
4. I'm skint. Again! I am such a poor money manager I always run out of money half way through the month. 
5. I know I have to start thinking about going back to work soon but I'm PETRIFIED! To the point of feeling sick about it. 

OK. Hmmm, typing it out didn't make me feel that much better actually. I better make a list of what to do to tackle all these issues. First though, better get ready to go out. Noo is gonna start pulling the place apart out of boredom. Plus I'll be able to strike problem one off the list.

Speak later.


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