Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Want to win one of 1200 house fires this winter?


Want to win one of 1200 house fires this winter?

Me neither.

Noo and I are pretty lucky with where we live when it comes to the risk of a house fire. Do you know why? We live in the city right opposite a fire station!

We also have a smoke alarm that is tested monthly, a fire extinguisher, fire blanket, monthly emergency alert system testing for the whole building as well as ceiling sprinklers. But there's more we could be doing to prevent a fire.

The view from our balcony

We also spend a lot of time up at my parent's place in the Blue Mountains. Their house is surrounded by the most fabulous Australian bushland. It is a tranquil life up there but bushfires are an ever present threat, especially in summer. My dad is very safety conscious and makes sure the house and property are as prepared for a fire as they need to be all year round.

The view from my parent's balcony

Now, as we near the end of May, the cool weather is really starting to be felt here in the city. In the Blue Mountains it is already very wintery with overnight temperatures of around 3 degrees celsius. Brrrrr!

When the weather gets cold we all like to do what we can to keep warm. And this is where the trouble starts: power boards get overloaded, clothes are thrown over heaters and electric blankets are left on after everyone has left home for the day. There are countless other scenarios around the home that pose as fire risks. Knowing what they are and how we can avoid them is the key to keeping our families safe.

There's a lot we all can do to help prevent a tragedy. Fire and Rescue NSW have come up with a nifty little website where you can conduct a Home Safety Fire Audit for your place.

Noo and I went through the questionnaire together which was educational for the both of us. You just need to answer a series of questions and then the audit gives you a report at the end with recommendations of what you can do to ensure your place is as fire safe as possible.

Whether you live in a house out bush, a unit in the suburbs or in an apartment in the city all options are covered. I highly recommend all families give the Home Safety Fire Audit a go to learn what you can do to ensure you are prepared for the cold season ahead. Have the kids sit with you so they can see the importance of fire safety too.

I know I don't want to win a house fire this year. And I bet you don't either!

Do you have an emergency response plan for your family?


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Grace said...

It is really scary this time of year, the number of house fires happening.
We don't have an emergency response plan...we really should look into that.
Thanks for sharing, V! x

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