Saturday, May 4, 2013

Day 3: Uncomfortable

Day 3, Friday: Things that make you uncomfortable

Wow, what a blog topic prompt! There are a lot of things in life that make me feel uncomfortable.

Here's the current list:

Arsehole drivers
Being over 80kg
Bicycles coming at me from behind (the man who mugged me and a friend in London was on a bike and attacked me from behind)
Bugs of any type, particularly spiders and leeches
Cabin crew (although now I know one, it isn't as bad)
Kissing people I don't know very well on the cheek as a greeting/farewell gesture
Looking at my bank balance
Pap smears
People who smoke
Restless leg syndrome
Running late
Sand at the beach
Socialising in a group of people who I perceive to be better than me (eg people with careers or super bloggers at conferences)
Swimming in the ocean
Talking on the phone with people I don't know
Talking to good looking men
Talking to women that I admire (see super bloggers above)
Taxi drivers
Telling people I worked as a 'secretary'
The first kiss
Using the R word
Walking the streets alone after dark
Working in an office

Clearly, going by this list I have written a lot about what makes me feel uncomfortable! I'm sure if I thought about it for longer, it would get to be an even bigger list. Having generalised anxiety disorder makes me pretty uncomfortable about a lot of things. My low self esteem plays a major part too, obviously.

I think I need to work on reducing this list.

What makes you uncomfortable?


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Marnie said...

Hi - I have just found your blog and I wanted to say that I love it. I have been thinking about you and 'your story' even after I have walked away from the computer. I think there are a few things that have resonated with me, particularly your struggle with those inner demons, like so many of us. I appreciate that you write so honestly and so well. said...

Hey Marnie. Thank you for the lovely comment. It makes the sharing of difficult stuff all the more worthwhile when I get lovely comments like this one. Thanks. V. :)

Rachel @ TheKidsAreAllRight said...

I probably kissed or hugged you hi or bye when I didn't know you very well, so sorry about that. It's only recently that I've been taught to think about that more - that some people don't like it. Being vulnerable makes me uncomfortable, so I would probably struggle writing a list like this :)

Deborah Cook said...

Many of my things would be weight-related, but I'm also uncomfortable with compliments, being touched and people fighting around me. The caretakers in my complex sometimes have arguments in their office and I feel really stressed to hear them! said...

Hey Rachel. I'm actually getting better at the kiss thing and it depends on the person. I don't remember feeling uncomfortable with you. You are such a warm and friendly person it radiates off you which is comforting for someone like me! V. said...

I hear you. I'm not great with compliments either. I often don't say thank you to a compliment because I don't believe the person is being sincere. Touching is bad for me too. I have always flinched when anyone touches me unexpectedly. Hope the caretakers get over themselves soon! That would be so annoying to hear raised voices like that! V.

Claudia littlecottagebiglife said...

Vanessa, why do cabin crew make you uncomfortable? And I had no idea that bloggers (at conferences) like Mrs Woog intimidated you. You were sitting at Mrs Woog's table at Nuffnang. Although they do me too - BIG TIME! And I'm with Rachel, being vulnerable, I mean REALLY vulnerable makes me not just uncomfortable, but I try to mask it with anger or bravado - not good. And balloons make me cringe!!

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