Wednesday, May 15, 2013

For the love of boots

Unsurprisingly I've fallen way behind in #blogeverdayinmay. I do plan to try to catch up but sometimes I just don't feel like writing. I'm still here online lurking about social media websites, ashamedly rubbernecking on snark forums (I never actually snark but I can't look away from the ugliness) or flicking through page after page of fashion retail sites (think shoes, clothes, handbags - oh how I lust!).

Last night for instance I spent hours looking for long black leather boots for winter. I've been hunting for the right boot for months. I hope I've finally found them because I've paid and am now waiting patiently for my order to come from the UK.

I have the dodgiest feet and legs. I'm knock kneed, pigeon toed and my knees are hypermobile (bend back). One foot is longer than the other and the shorter one is wider than the longer one. Buying comfortable shoes that I know I will wear and that will look good is a huge challenge for me. I hardly ever wear heels. In summer I wear Birkenstocks. In winter, well, I'll tell you all about it...

This year I was going to go for an ankle length biker boot. I've had a picture of these ones pinned up on my wall for weeks:

Oh how I love these

Are these not the most gorgeous biker boots? They are called Ash Tornado Black Studded Ankle Boots. They scream rock chick and would look hot with a short girly dress with leggings or with skinny jeans teamed with an oversized cardi (like I know this shit - sarcasm). The only downfall is that Ash boots are really heavy. Myer stock one style of Ash biker boot which I had a touch and feel of and I was astonished by their weight. After a long day out and about with the kids I reckon these babies would cause a bit of foot fatigue. They are also quite exy being in the $300+ range.

After weeks of looking around I thought maybe I need to go for a long boot this year. Last year I bought a pair of Camper biker boots which are gorgeous but the right one is a little small for my annoyingly longer foot. They are also heavy. I've been a major fan of Camper since I got my first pair in 2002. They were a lovely pair bright tomato red Mary Janes. Oh how I loved those shoes! I've had five other pairs of different styles of Campers since. I love their original look.

Last year's boot from Camper

My most enduring footwear relationship though has been with Dr Martens. I got my first pair of Docs in 1988. I was the second girl at my school to wear them as school shoes. It made me feel pretty damned cool. I've had seven pairs since. From lace up shoes to 6-up romper stompers to ankle boots and mid calf wedge heeled boots. I feel like I have grown up with my feet wrapped in Dr Martens.

I have a pair just like this one below. I bought them in 2003 when I first arrived in the UK. They cost about 60 quid if I recall and I wore them everywhere. I still have them but they have a hole in one of the soles where the seam has split. You can't really tell, but when I wore them on a weekend trip to Latvia back in late winter 2007, icy water seeped in making it pretty chilly down there for my poor little toes.

The most comfortable Doc around - the Wedge

My other favourite Docs when I lived in the UK were the Jenna Ankle Boot. Here they are in blue although mine were deep red. I practically lived in them. The heels had to be replaced several times and I actually wore them down to the leather. Unfortunately they can't be worn any more but I refuse to throw them in the bin. There's just too many memories in those soles!

Jenna - my old best friend

So back to now and my 2013 winter boot decision. I could have bought another pair of Docs and gone for the cherry red or maybe even the brown in the Wedge boot but Docs are so expensive in Australia and I refuse to pay more than the rest of the world does.

I want need a boot that is going to be comfortable, practical, look good with all my clothes and a pair that will keep my legs warm and cosy through winter.

So.... drum roll please... I found Duo Boots. Duo specialise in wide calf boots and have the most gorgeous selection of winter tailored boots I have seen in a long time. I don't know if I am maturing and moving away from my chunkier style rock chick footwear passions or simply just looking for cleaner lines this season but these Duo Malmo Boots are the ones. I haven't received them yet so I can't speak for their comfort but by the looks of those non-slip rubber soles I am in for some long days of easy walking.

Duo Malmo Boots

These boots are actually really reasonably priced too. At only A$180 I reckon they are a steal! They retail online for GBP140 but because they are getting delivered to Australia I don't have to pay the VAT. Plus with the Aussie dollar being so strong and the fact that Duo don't charge for shipping these are turning out to be a really great purchasing decision... and I haven't even got them yet!

If they turn out to be really comfy, I've got my eyes on these lovely tan numbers as well...

Lusting after these Carvel boots

As soon as I get my new boots I'll let you know how they feel.

Do you lust over shoes like I do? Do you have a favourite style or brand?


PS. None of this post has been sponsored. All opinions are my own. I just felt like writing about boots. Are you cool with that?

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Diet Schmiet said...

I've never seen Docs like that - without the eyelets etc.

My problem with boots is that I have *ahem* thick calves and so need something wide! said...

Deb, you've got to check out Duo. They are especially for the generously calved ladies. My order is on its way and should be here by the end of the week. Pretty good for free shipping! V.

Marnie said...

Last year I invested in some bespoke boots from The Bootmaker in the UK. I'm tall and could never find boots tall enough for my liking. The Bootmaker makes to calf and ankle width and for certain styles to height too. They cost me an absolutely fortune, and the initial order was fucked up, but they sent a second pair, and I love, love, love them. Such beautiful quality and they fit like a dream. I am eyeballing another pair of their boots but just can't bring myself to make that order (yet). I am referring to their sale page from time to time just in case they have a discounted pair to fit my dimensions. I can highly recommend them. said...

Wow! Those boots sound so comfortable. I would love bespoke shoes if I could have the right one just slightly longer than the left. V.

Kimberley said...

OMG these boots are awesome! I love boots - I particularly the first ones with the bling. Hyellow! And the Jenna boots, and... oh well, all of them! Bloody hell! Kx said...

They are all things of beauty, huh. The new boots have arrived and I've been wearing them for three days straight. Oh so comfortable. V.

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Emily Cobena said...

Well I think, Wide calf dress boots are definitely belong to that category of boots for which ladies shows their lust openly....

Girin Jackson said...

Well I think, Wide calf boots are definitely belong to that category of boots for which ladies shows their lust openly....

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