Monday, May 20, 2013

Day 15: A day in the life of us

Sunday 19 May 2013

Sunday 19 May 2013

From top left to right:

  1. We left the apartment very early for a Sunday. As we were driving out of our building at 8am the Sydney Half Marathon runners were making their way down our street.
  2. After picking up my sister Yolanda and niece Mala we headed to Leichhardt to a great cafe called Ragamuffin. I Googled "best coffee in Leichhardt" and this place showed up. We weren't disappointed.
  3. Ragamuffin serve absolutely divine coffees but their speciality is the steamed then baked muffins. With a couple of dozen flavours to choose from everyone is sure to find one or more that they like. 
  4. Yo enjoyed her piccolo latte and Mala had a frothy soy milk.
  5. Noo aka Batman loved his vanilla milkshake but was gagging to leave the cafe and get on with the day.
  6. We arrived at the Italian Forum on Norton Street right on time for the Toddler Proms. Noo scored us the centre position on the back row.
  7. The Sydney Youth Orchestra filled out their seats one section at a time. Both kids were really impressed with just how many instruments came out onto the stage!
  8. Both kids, actually most of the kids, there for the Toddler Proms were pretty fidgety. Noo and I took some silly face photos while we listened to the nursery rhymes being played by the orchestra.
  9. Yo and Mala look down to the orchestra. 
  10. After the show was finished we came out to the Forum to check out the kids' market. Noo had a go on this ancient tank ride which he loved.
  11. After dropping Yo and Mala back home Noo and I went looking for a place to get our filthy car cleaned. We stopped off at Maccas in Waterloo to check Google Maps for the closest car wash. As I looked up briefly from my iPhone I saw a black car jump over the cement barrier in the centre of Botany Road and crash into the oncoming traffic! At first I thought the driver must have been drunk. It wasn't until another witness came and parked next to us in the Maccas carpark and explained that a taxi had veered right to change lanes and hit the black car so hard it pushed it over to the other side. I watched on in amazement as the traffic incident truck turned up as if out of nowhere within minutes of the crash happening. Did someone call them? Or was the accident beamed up to screens in a traffic control centre somewhere via CCTV? Whatever the answer, the whole event was weird.
  12. After discovering the carwash we wanted to go to was closed on Sunday Noo and I headed to another place as informed to us by Google Maps. We got sent on a bit of a wild goose chase around tiny back streets of Rozelle until we got to the joint that was closed and looked only for boat cleaning. We then decided to go for a drive down to East Balmain to see our apartment building from the other side of the Harbour. After that we headed to Gladstone Park for some playground and scooting action.
  13. Batman/Noo experimented with some scooter tricks while mummy (me) sat down enjoying the warm autumn sun against my back.
  14. Batman was off again in search of fun on the other side of the equipment.
  15. I sat and admired my Duo Boots for the umpteenth time.
  16. By around 1pm I was busting for the loo and hungry for lunch. Noo and I walked up the main road on the hunt for sushi and a toilet. We were delighted to come across this place. Unfortunately I didn't note the name down but I would highly recommend it. Noo was happy to sit by the sushi train while I was just happy he was eating solid food. 
  17. All requests for photos get met with either a cranky face or a silly face. Noo has been inflicted with a serious case of four year old bad attitude lately. I wish he'd snap out of it and get back to his delightful self asap.
  18. We stopped off at a toy shop on the walk back to the car. I thought these strange looking walker/ride on bikes looked awesome! Noo would have loved it when he was little. 
  19. A lot actually happened between photo 18 and 19 but my phone ran out of batteries. After our Balmain adventures Noo and I came home at about 3pm. My parents were back from their Sunday outing. Dad decided to go back up the Mountains and mum decided we needed to go grocery shopping. I was so buggered but thought I better go along because we still hadn't got the car washed. We ended up back at our favourite shopping centre with the car being tended to while we spent more money upstairs. I dropped another hundred bucks at Kmart. More coloured long sleeved tops to go under dresses and flowy tops and four new pairs of leggings. More money was spent at Coles and when we finally got home at around 7.10pm I was buggered and over it.
  20. Noo watched that new movie Escape from Planet Earth while playing on the new alphabet mat. We played letter naming games where he had to name the letter and a word that started with it. He's pretty good actually but couldn't quite get the letters C, I, K and Q.
  21. It was too late to make a proper dinner so I had a plate of cheese, crackers and strawberries in front of the laptop with a can of Diet Coke.
  22. Noo finally went down at 9.46pm. He was so tired and fought me to stay up later.
  23. This is me in front of the laptop collating photos for this post. I was so tired! On the days Noo isn't in daycare late at night is the only time I get to work on my blog in peace.
  24. My view on the climb up to my loft bed. Noo sleeps soundly below.
  25. 12:50am and I've finally turned the light out to go to sleep.

How was your day today?


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Jeanie said...

Zounds - sounds like a very enjoyable day - and I am exhausted reading it!!!

stephselmes said...

Sunday must have been the day for random cafe visits and car washing!!

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