Saturday, August 14, 2010

Thanks to all the brave bloggers!

COUNTDOWN: 9 sleeps to go.
Noo and I both have colds.  Boohoo!  It seems to be standard now he's in day care. We have sniffles all the time and then the colds get really bad and then subside and then get bad again, but they never fully disappear.  This seems to be the case with other families I know with small children.  I'm just desperately hoping my cold doesn't affect my surgery date.  I couldn't stand it if I had to postpone it because of an annoying cold! Must get some vitamin C and echinacea tomorrow.

Sick little Noo

Watching telly after an afternoon snooze

We were suppose to hang out with some mums and bubs we know up a Castle Hill today but I couldn't handle the drive with watery eyes and a monged out head.  Ended up hanging out with Yo locally, getting groceries at Broadway and letting Noo burn some excess energy in our favourite local playground.  Even when he has the worst cold, he always wants to go to the park.  All I wanted to do is lay in front of the telly but hey, you don't get those sorts of luxuries being a single mum.  It was a gorgeous day in the sun today so it wasn't so bad.

I finally have my first follower, which I'm stoked about.  I'm slowly getting the hang of this blogging business, following others and hoping people will be interested to follow me.  It really is amazing feeling like you're part of a community of people going through similar experiences to you.  It's less isolating.  I didn't tell anyone except my parents at first, that I was considering banding.  Then I told my doctor (who was overwhelmingly supportive and encouraging) and then my sister.  Slowly I've started telling my mates too.
Generally my life is an open book.  I don't like secrets and I'm terrible at keeping them so I just find openness and honesty works best for me.  Like I said in an earlier entry, I'm also in therapy and have been for three years, so I'm kind of used to spilling my guts everywhere, at any time.  I've had a pretty colourful life up until now, so I suppose there's a lot that people could use against me so I should be selective with what I write.  Although this blogging business so far seems so cathartic. Like I'm giving life to the chatter in my brain so it doesn't seem so suffocating.  Not that I've felt suffocated lately by my own internal voice, but somehow writing things down seems freeing.

Its so accepted now in our modern society to share so much of ourselves with the rest of the world via the internet.  But I'd hate to think a prospective employer, for instance, could sometime down the track, google me and find this and then perhaps use the fact that I am in recovery against me in my application for a job.  I don't want to have to censor myself too much so I'm willing take the risk.

So I've had mixed responses from my friends regarding getting a lap-band.  I think they will all understand more once I start seeing results.  After working over my brain these last three years, its now time to work over this body!

I'm getting so excited as each day passes.  I really think that this surgery is going to be massively life changing for me.  Reading all the wonderful blogs and also people's stories on the Yahoo message boards have been so instrumental in helping me make this decision.  So I thank all the other brave bloggers out there who share their life with people like me. 



Katherine said...

I am terrified that someone I know in real life will fnd my blog!! I am fairly chicken when it comes to putting photos on my blog.. Maybe when I am skinny I'll be plastering them all over the place haha! I am so thankful for the brave bloggers too that have shared amazing photos and stories.. I am working up to some before and after photos.. ohh and I forgot to say I am so jealous that you have seen most of True blood season 3!! I have to wait till this Thursday till it starts on Foxtel!! K x

Sam said...

Welcome to blogland:)

I feel the same about my blog. I tell blogland so much that I can't say to people in my life, that is the wonder of it all, you have an outlet that is full of wonderfully supportive women (and a few men) that help so much.

I truly believe that blogging helps us be more successful bandsters.

I hope you get better soon so that your cold does not get in the way of your surgery.

blackbandchic said...

I am also new to blogging....even newer than you..
I love blogging...think I'm becoming addicted to it...its so therapeutic!
I also was very excited to get my first follower!
Its a great supportive network, even though all of you are strangers! I too, hope to get brave and post some pics...but also terrified of people finding my blog....not sure why...need to work through this as well!!
You inspire me!

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