Friday, August 27, 2010

One day at a time

I've been really slack and haven't written since the whole neck incident. I've been so enthralled with the election, spending all my time online reading analysis of the result, or lack of one, as Australia waits for these three Independent MPs decide who will govern our nation. In my opinion, we should go back to the polls and let the Australian people have another go at voting who should lead our country, not three blokes from the bush.

Ah, but enough of politics, this is predominately a weightloss blog after all.

I had a lovely day today with mum and Noo. We started it slowly, laying about reading the papers (me online, mum the old fashioned way) while Noo watched kid's TV until he could stand it no more and had to get out of the apartment. We took a walk from home down to the Harbour to stroll around Walsh Bay and then Campbell's Cove and up to George Street to get the bus to the other side of town. It was such a lovely sunny day and the Harbour was sparkling blue with lots of boats - ferries, yachts and big ocean liners - floating along in the considerable August wind.

We went to one of my favourite restaurants in Sydney, Din Tai Fung, for lunch.  It is a dumpling and noodle restaurant and you usually have to queue to get a table, like we did today. Noo was asleep when we arrived but awoke not long after, in a 'terrible twos' kind of mood. He's been starting to show real impatience when he doesn't get things his way and playing up to get attention or what he wants.  It's a challenging time and I think its only going to get worse - as he does what kids do at this age - before it gets better. I've got a couple of parenting books for advice but I suppose its just a matter of going with what feels right for both of us.

Overall though, he was his usual gorgeous self, slurping up noodles and flirting with the girls on the next table.  We walked back up town after lunch through to the Queen Victoria Building to catch the bus back to The Rocks.

My sister and a very good friend of mine popped in after they finished work, which was lovely. My friend brought some of the most delicious cheese that I've tasted in ages, along with some great salamis and olives. I just love good quality cheese and antipasti type 'nosh' food, as my mum calls it. They are loaded with fat and calories so it will be au revoir fromage from Monday week for me.

Ah, Monday 6 September, my new D day, or B day it really is. After this week's surgery postponement I'm not as excited as I was last week, still having nine days to go but I'm sure that excitement/anxiety will come back as the new date nears.

I saw my psych yesterday who suggested the said excitement/anxiety about the op probably had something to do with my waking up with a wry neck last Friday and I tend to agree.  My anxiety has always shown itself physically when it gets really bad so I just hope I can keep it under control by the time 6 September is here.

Well that's enough from me today. I've started putting together a few new pages, including a goals page and I'm hoping to also add a 'positive thoughts' page to go to once the band is in and I'm feeling like I need a little motivation to get through. My psych is getting me to prepare in advance for any relapses in bad behaviour (eg pigging out for comfort or self sabotage) before they occur. This new lifestyle I'm planning for myself is very much about addiction control as it is anything else and, just like when I gave up alcohol and cigarettes, I will need to take one day at a time!


Some pics I took with my iPhone yesterday:

Noo eating a 'Delta Cream', Australia's answer to the Oreo
Playing with stickers while waiting for Nan at the dentist

Self portrait with the Hipstamatic

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Seeing in colour said...

Beautiful photos! That portrait of you is amazing!!

I totally know about the antipasto things i nom them something crazy :(

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