Saturday, August 14, 2010

Friday is Noo-day

COUNTDOWN: 10 sleeps to go.

Fridays are my new Noo-days.  It used to be Tuesdays and of course I have Saturdays and Sundays and every night.  Noo is my son Noo who I introduced yesterday.  He is a champion!  He is 20 months old and is currently in our bedroom being read a bedtime story by his aunty, my sister.

I am studying at the moment so Noo goes to day care three days a week, has one day with his grandparents then three with me.  I love our Fridays. 

Gorgeousness personified!

Today was a pretty quiet day though.  We took it really easy in the morning then strolled into town to meet up with my sister for lunch.  I had a Guzman y Gomez burrito.  So delicious but surprisingly I could not finish it.  After lunch I was stopped by one of those guys asking for people to sign up to give to whatever charity they are working for.  I never usually stop.  I actually don't like the way the tout for cash like that, but this time I stopped, and I signed up!  The charity was Canteen, which is for kids with cancer or kids with parents with cancer.  Despite having a very limited income I signed up for $20 a month.  I'm a softy these days with anything to do with kids. 

Noo slept for an amazing three hours this afternoon which gave me plenty of time to get online and look around at other people's blogs and wow, there are some amazing ones out there.  I've been an avid fan of social networking (Facebook mainly) for years now but never really got into the blogosphere, so to speak and was surprised by how much stuff is out there.  Some people's pages look so professional!  I am studying web design at TAFE (another reason for my blog) and I still have no idea how to do some of the stuff that is out there.

Ahhh, we've just watched episode 8 of season 3 of True Blood, my all time favourite show. 

Went to bed before I could finish this entry.  My sister and I watched the movie The Runaways last night with Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning.  Both girls were fantastic in it.  Dakota has really grown up and Kristen shows she more than just the Twilight movies, which are, in my opinion, terrible anyway. It was a good film but after watching True Blood it just seemed too slow. 

Saturday morning now.  Noo woke up at 5.30 which I wasn't too thrilled about, especially considering I've got a cold and would rather sleep in.  God, when does that ever happen when you've got a kid?

Signing off for now.



Katherine said...

I am your first follower yay!!! Congrats on your choice to enter the Lap band journey!! Its lovely to have more Aussies to blog with!! If I can remember my twitter login I'll add you there too!! Looking forward to reading about your journey and supporting you along the way K xx

The Babbling Bandit said...

Yay! Thanks for following Katherine. I'll look out for you on Twitter. V.

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