Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Rocks

Well it's been another beautiful weekend in Sydney Town. Mum has been down from the Blue Mountains keeping me company again and its been so great hanging out with her. Yesterday we went to the Orange Grove food markets and met up with my sister Yo and her husband Cal, who were joined by some friends with their gorgeous little girl, Eden.

The markets are in a little primary school so they are enclosed by fences which allowed Noo to run free for a while. Well if you call being shadowed by your mother everywhere you go free, then it was. I am what is now called a "helicopter" parent. A parent who hovers by the child anxiously trying to avoid any accidents of any kind. I just can't help myself! It drives Noo and me both crazy but I just couldn't just stand there idly, watching him fall over and hurt himself badly. I know you're suppose to let them explore the world to discover things themselves but I just hate the anxiety of it all. Sometimes I think I need a Valium just to get through half an hour at a kids play gym. I try to stand back and count to 10 but always end up shouting across the playground "Noo, Noo, be careful!" or whatever it is at the time. He is only 20 months after all. I never thought I'd be like that as a parent, but I'm just so paranoid about something happening to him.

The markets have fabulous food and one of the stalls that's been there since the markets first began back in the early 00s has the best bacon and egg rolls in Sydney. For $6 bucks you get the freshest white bread roll with two eggs, two thin and crispy rashes of bacon topped with the sauce of your choice - we had barbecue. Food heaven. My surgery postponement was worth it just for that experience! We also had these steamed (go figure!) muffins with apple and cinnamon, pumpkin and orange marmalade, and bacon, cheese and zucchini. Delicious!

We topped our day off by picking up some groceries at Broadway Shopping Centre. Noo fell asleep in his stroller while we were walking around and so he could sleep mum and I went for an frappacino at Gloria Jeans which was very decadent, topped with whipped cream and caramel sauce. So, so naughty! I think mum is looking forward to me getting my band as much as I am because I'll then be less of a bad influence on her eating.

And more bad eating continued today. Mum, Noo and I spent the day walking around The Rocks which is where we live and which is the oldest settled area of Australia. The Rocks on Sydney Harbour is where my ancestors first settled back in 1788 when the First Fleet came in with its cargo of convicts, including my great, great, great grandfather, who was transported from England for stealing a bolt of fabric in 1786. Walking the cobbled streets of The Rocks always makes me think of them and their struggles to forge a life for themselves in a hostile new land.

We had delicious lunch at this gorgeous little French patisserie, sitting in the courtyard to enjoy a chicken baguette for mum and a sausage roll with salad for me. We finished off with a great cappuccino and the most divine cakes I've had for a while.

I've been documenting what I ate this weekend because I'm starting to get very nervous about letting this lifestyle go. I just love hanging out at cafes drinking coffee and eating cake, especially while Noo enjoys his midday snooze. Cafes really have replaced pubs for me, now I just need to find something to replace the cafes!

I am really getting sick of waiting and talking about this operation now. I just want it already! The anticipation is killing me. I've looked at so many blogs, reading so many different people's stories of their experiences that I'm so ready to just jump in and do it myself, but alas there is still another week to go. I've just got to keep busy and hopefully the time will pass by quickly. I've got to keep chilled about it too because I don't need another anxiety related physical attack.

I've babbled on way too much tonight. I'll just end with a couple of photos. One is a photo mum took of me last Thursday and the other is my gorgeous little Noo Noo.

Me with new dress and scarf
Growing up so fast!
Good night.



Seeing in colour said...

You look gorgeous!!! i love the outfit.

Ummm and how friggin cute is the little Ned man...... his onesy is AWESOME!

Josie said...

My sweet girl,
Thank you for posting on my blog.
You no what. I took your advise.
Stuff the excuses.
I got home, got dressed and left the house. Did not turn on the TV or sit down.
Went the gym and did a combat class with my lovely sister.
I did not die. No one laughed. My sister was proud that I went.
I plan to go and do pump tomorrow.
Love, love!!!

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