Sunday, August 15, 2010

Denim jeans. I love them.

Can't believe this time next week I will be getting ready to go into hospital!

Only a week left and I haven't even been having any serious binges this weekend.  I hope its like when I quit drinking.  At the end I couldn't really even stomach it.  I was a full on beer and wine drinker when I lived in London but in the last couple of months before I finally kicked it for good, I couldn't stomach either unless it was doused in lemonade.  I hope it turns out the same with chocolate and lollies and all the other treats I've been shoving down my gob.  I even walked past family size blocks of Cadbury's for $2.50 on sale at Target today!  That's over half price!  There's also a tub of ice cream in the freezer I have not touched all weekend.  Crazy times.

Noo has been waking up at 5.30 am these last few mornings so I very tired so this entry will be brief.  Also, I have just spent the last hour writing a complaint email.  Won't go into details about it but gees, those kind of communications are exhausting.  I don't like confrontation but I will stand up for my rights.

I've started to get a little anxious about the op itself.  Oh and living on liquids for a couple of weeks, but mainly the pain of the operation and the recovery rate is concerning me slightly.  I have to rely on my dad and my sister to help with lifting my boy while I'm recovering and I don't want to burden them too much.  

Noo is 11.7kgs, I weighed him this afternoon.  I weighed in a 99kgs exactly.  The highest I've ever been is 104kgs but I was 9 months pregnant that time.  After Noo was born I went down to about 95 but that was it.  I've been hovering around 91-99kgs ever since and he is 20 months now.  I look like I've been preggers with the second kid for nearly two years!  

God, I can't wait til I start losing it again.  I remember when I was living overseas I hovered around 75-85kgs.  I hated being 85 kegs then but now I just dream of being in the 80s!  Oh my god, when I get to see a 7 on the scales I'll be crying tears of pure joy!

I went through a pile of jeans I've kept over the years that are too small for me.  I haven't been able to wear jeans at all this year because I refused to get a larger size.  I just can't wait to wear them again.  Denim jeans. I love them.  I even have the pair I used to wear clubbing when I was 22.  They are a size 12 and barely go on one leg now but I tell you what, I'm gonna get in those jeans again one day!  I also have a gorgeous pair of 7 For All  Mankind jeans I spent 250 quid on in 2007, just before I started stacking it on.  I fantasise about the day I can wear them again all the time.

Dreaming of the day...

With that thought I am going to go to bed now to dream of tight fitting denim wrapped around my little butt of the future!

Thank you for all your comments welcoming me to the blogging world.  Look forward to reading more of your stories.


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Sam said...

Ahhh Denim, I can't wait to get some regular sized jeans.

Those will be happy days:)

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