Monday, September 3, 2012

The BB sugar experiment: Sugar crash and burn

Week three of I Quit Sugar? No. Starting week one again of the I have a lap-band let's use it shall we diet. Or maybe I'm back on the big is beautiful and becoming way more accepted just check out these fabo girls here and here for instance so don't bother dieting at all diet.

Either way, I couldn't do it. I just could not give up sugar. I have a host of excuses! I lasted three days last week. Just until Wednesday night. I went out on a date (yes, a date!) Wednesday night with a young man I met on RSVP (why I put myself back on there I do not know!). The date was at a pub. The first drink I ordered was a Diet Coke. Second, a Red Bull. Can't get more sugary than that!

Since giving up grog I've taken to energy drinks as my 'going out drink'. Dating when you're teetotal is annoying. People are suspicious of non-drinkers. It is true! Either you're a wowser or a recovering alcoholic. I don't know what is considered worse to most Aussie blokes out there. The energy drink at least gives me a little buzz to feel included.

Now I could take this post in a number of directions:

  1. I Quit Sugar FAIL
  2. Lap-band FAIL
  3. Body image acceptance
  4. Online dating as a single parent
  5. Online dating as a recovering alcoholic
  6. Online dating as a fat girl with a sugar addiction
  7. Online dating as a single fat girl in recovery from poly-substance addiction but still in active sugar addiction who also has a kid that she is raising alone
  8. Or maybe I could go to bed early...

Yeah, number eight is looking good right now (even though now, effectively it isn't early, because I've been editing this shitty piece for the last hour!). I ain't making any sense. I'll write something proper tomorrow.

Here's a photo Noo took on the weekend. He doesn't like having his picture taken very often and he's never shown any interest in my phone's camera. Until Sunday. He took heaps of them. This is the best. Totally unrelated to the post but hey, I need something for my LinkWithin widget below.

Batman, Wonder Woman and Spiderman...
Copyright Noo Bandit

Night all.



Diet Schmiet said...

I think it's great that you're out there and dating. How did the date go?

The Babbling Bandit said...

He is nice. Very young but could be fun. Second date is Thursday night.

Anonymous said...

Bless you
Enjoy x

Mitzi x

Cathy said...

Great photo Ned! My phone has thousands of photos my boys have taken...yours will soon be the same :)

I couldn't even attempt to quit sugar so good on you for at least trying. I need to lose weight but am so unmotivated...maybe the warmer weather will spark something? I live in hope...

Good luck for the second date :)

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