Monday, September 24, 2012

Somebody that I'd like to know

So I've been a bit stumped for words these last few days. There's a lot going around in my mind but it is not really appropriate for blog fodder. You see, I've met someone. It's only been nine days (who's counting?) and we've only seen each other four times (really, who's counting?) so it is too fresh to comment on.

This happened last time I started dating someone. I blogged about it and then didn't blog again at all until the relationship was over. I think it is because when I have a 'love interest' (where did I get that from? My mum?) my mind gets so consumed with thinking about that person and the possibilities that I can't concentrate on other things. I'm like a teenager, really. I might even write down his name on a piece of paper and then write mine and then count up the letters until they're down to 2 digits to work out what percent he likes me...

Focus Vanessa!

I don't like to write about other people on my blog either. That is a bit of a rule with me - not to comment about people I know, except for my sister who has said it is ok for me to mention her. Oh, and my parents get a small mention here and there, but that is it. My story is my story, but I'll leave others to tell their own stuff. And I don't want any of it coming back to bite me!

So, let it be known; I am happy, excited, nervous, and doing my best to push on with writing good content for my blog... despite the fact that my brain is desperately trying to pull itself back to over analysing one topic.

Now, maybe I should go over to one of those relationship sites to see if it can tell me if he likes me too...

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Night, blogosphere. This girl needs some sleep.



Debyl1 said...

Totally understand where you are coming from.Hope everything works out for you.Take it easy,be gentle with yourself and do what you need to do for YOU.xx

Diet Schmiet said...

How exciting for you. I suspect I'd be worried blogging about it in case I jinx it!

I write about others but TRY to only use them for reflection or mention them in passing. When Diet Schmiet was a secret I was less worried, but when people I knew started to learn about it I worried a bit more. I don't think my friends read it (or my public blog - they certainly rarely comment about it) I'm conscious of telling others' stories as well.


Kylie Purtell said...

Oh, how exciting!!!! how hard is it to concentrate on anything else at all when you're totally infatuated with someone. It's almost impossible. I remember when I first met Dave it took me months and months to get to a point where I could even begin to think of anything but him and being with him every waking moment. And don't worry about not blogging enough, this is a super excellent reason to not blog!

The Babbling Bandit said...

You two look like such a great couple, I'm not surprised that you were so excited! I'm going to push through the blogging block though. Finally getting some momentum with this thing!

The Babbling Bandit said...

Thanks Deb. I'm worried about jinxing it too.

Since I promoted my R U OK? Day post through my personal Facebook account I know a lot of people I know in the real world are stopping by for a look. Which is fine but I'm going to be extra careful about what I write and how that might reflect on others. Not that I'd have anything bad to say about anyone ever! ;>)

The Babbling Bandit said...

Thanks! I hope it works out too.

Zoemirai said...

Im like a teenager in this phase too. I am not into astrology at all but my normally rational scientific mind feels a compulsive need to check out the compatibility of mine & my "love interests" star sign compatibility !

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