Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A victorious (both scale and non-scale) post

I have been finding really hard to get to my blogging, both writing and reading. I've been so busy these last couple of days especially now my parents are back up the Mountains and I am doing the full on single mum bit without Nanna and Pa's help. Noo really misses his grandparents too so has been acting up today. We were out the door before 9am and back after 4 this arvo. I seriously take my hat off to single...actually any mums out there with more than one child. And those that work, my god, you all should be sainted! 

So my last couple of posts have been a bit whingy, a bit on the negative, and without really noticing, I've actually had some major SVs and NSVs happen.


1. I am down to 90.5kg, which brings my total weightloss to just under 10kgs, or 21lbs. Yay me!

2. My BMI has dropped from 32.7 to 29.6, 0.4 below the "obese" range. I'm now in the "overweight" range. Yippee!

3. I went shopping in Target (crikey they have good stock at the moment!) and I have officially dropped a dress size to an Aussie size 16 (US14) in normal (not plus size) fashion. Crazy but true!

4. I can now to wear my US size 14 NYDJ that I bought last year in hope that I would lose enough weight to fit into them and now I finally can.

5. I can fit into a plus size 14 pair of khaki trousers I bought on sale last year but still had the labels on them because I was too big at the time to put them on. 

6. One of the teachers at Noo's daycare asked me if I'd lost weight. People are starting to notice!

7. I picked the Melbourne Cup - the number 8, Americain. Go you little beauty!

8. I passed my JavaScript theory exam and my Copyright exam. Only two more tests and 2 more assessments before the end of the semester. Woo hoo!

9. I have had some delicious food, both at home and out and I'm so glad to be craving salad again.

Smoked chicken, orange, fennel and quinoa salad
made by me for dinner with my sister tonight - very band friendly
- high in protein, low fat, no carbs and no sugar.

Roasted salmon salad from the new upmarket foodcourt in Westfields Pitt Street Mall.
The new centre is fabulous! Finally Sydney is starting to glamour up a bit.
Salad was huge and a bit creamy, but delicious. I only ate half and then delivered
my leftovers to my sister who works in town.

I haven't done anything about the goals I set myself on Sunday night I've been so frantic I just haven't had time to get to the gym or write my meal plan. I did a massive grocery and fruit and veg shop today though so will try to do my menu plan tomorrow as well as go to the gym in the morning. I have only one TAFE class which is in the arvo. 

So despite some major anxiety today out with Noo, all is pretty good. I'm starting to feel like a normal person rather than a depressed fat alien who doesn't belong anywhere. I'm not 100% there but I'm so on the journey. 



The Candid Bandit said...

Oh V! That profile picture is stunning. Look at your skinny face.

Congratulations on all those victories, big or small I know how much they mean. They are little explosions inside when it actually registers what we've done isn't it?

Liz said...

Wow V, you're looking amazing! 90.5kg....thats seriously amazing. WELLDONE on all your little NSV's...especially passing your exam. I know how stressful exam is, so it must feel great to pass it :) Your blog puts me in a good mood, you sound like your really doing it all, your really getting there with the band. Sounds very stressfull being a single mum to little Ned but it sounds like everything is going along alright. Keep it up :) xx

Outback Bandit said...

What an amazing time for you!

Those salads look sooo yummy :)

You'll be in the 80's before you know!!

Nikki said...

Love the update! :) So happy for all the victories!!!! Missed ya!

Something About Kellie said...

They are fantastic NSV and SV's! I am a full-time working mum of 2 under 4 so I totally understand the strees of it all! Your face pic is looking very slim and the food looks devine. I think you may just have to post the recipes!!!

:) Great job on the exam results too!

Rachel said...

You look beautiful...your NSV are wonderful!

cmacraven said...

Amazing! I don't know how you look after Ned, go to TAFE, socialise and lose weight!

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