Tuesday, October 23, 2012

babblingbandit.me does Droptober: 8 days to go

I just cannot believe it is the 23rd of Droptober already! Where have the last 22 days gone?

There were four days in Melbourne for the ProBlogger Training Event 2012. We also had my mum's birthday lunch on the first Saturday of the month. Um... what else? Looking after Miss Mala Moo, my beautiful niece. Several dates. Playing with Noo. The odd spot of blogging...

It catches up alright! 

Now there are only eight days left until Droptober is over. I'm feeling the pressure to drop this weight in time. I started off really well and between when I registered on 24 September through to one week into the month, I was down 2.4kg. Awesome start! I've had two training sessions with the lovely Mike Jarosky and I've done as much incidental exercise as I possibly can. 

My eating has been better than it has been in a very long time: I'm 29 days chocolate free and, except for a few minor slips, I've been completely sugar free. I've continued to eat fruit but only around two pieces a day. I've pretty much stuck to three meals a day with either a piece of fruit or a handful of raw nuts for a snack.

Some of the yummy whole food I've eaten during Droptober - Just lose 2kg!

Despite all this exemplary behaviour I haven't lost any more since that first weigh in. Yo, my sister, keeps telling me I look good and should stop weighing myself. But when the numbers on the scale go down it gives me motivation! I thrive off watching those digits get smaller and smaller. But they're not helping me while they hover around the same place.

Why are they torturing me? Why aren't I losing this weight? 

You know, I don't think I'd feel bad about the numbers on the scale if it wasn't for the pressure of Droptober and the want to lose weight as promised to my sponsors (don't forget it isn't too late to sponsor me too! It is all for charity!). But on the other hand, if it wasn't for Droptober I wouldn't have this rock solid commitment to keep pushing past what I see on the scales to keep up the good eating and exercise.

So with just over a week left I am reinforcing my commitment to change by undertaking a three day juice detox. Yolanda and her husband are in it with me which helps enormously. We're living on mostly veggie juice for three days with only one light meal a day. Fingers crossed this is the kick start my body needs to start dropping the kegs again.

Wish me luck! 

How do you stay motivated when trying to lose weight?


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bachelormum said...

I wish you all the best. I know how hard it can be. I tend to weigh myself by how tight my waistband is, and it's always tight. I think the three day veggie juice might do it but it may not last. Just keep up what you are doing as you will feel great and set the routine for life. Then u won't have to ever worry about droptober again.

Kylie Purtell said...

I struggle to keep my weight-loss mojo. I always go really well for about two weeks and then slowly slip back in to the old habits. I also find I lose it in the beginning and then like you the scales don't change much. I have found though that taking my measurements helps, as even though I might not have a loss on the scales, I will have a reduction in numbers, my waist and hips for instance can get slimmer even if I don't see a change on the scales. I kinda suspect that it might be slipping down to my ass but I tell myself it's just because I have swapped fat for muscle and muscle weighs more than fat therefore there is no change on the scale! That's my theory anyway and I'm sticking to it!

The Babbling Bandit said...

I try to tell myself the muscle weighs more than fat line as well. If I was getting more exercise in, I think I might even believe it! Thanks for the comment.

The Babbling Bandit said...

Thanks Bachelormum. I know the juice thing isn't sustainable. Hell, I've had a few raw nuts today because the hunger headaches were getting too much. Thanks for dropping by.

Jess said...

I don't really need to lose weight, but I love exercise and work hard at a minting my weight, so I actually find it easy, which is probably not what you want to hear, sorry!
I think its great you're making moves to be healthier, even if the numbers aren't what you would want. And I bet you feel heaps better for it. :)

Stan Lee said...

Years ago I worked on a campaign for GutBusters, a weight loss program devised for blokes. Blokes who loved a beer and wouldn't be seen dead going on a diet. The program was very successful, primarily because it focussed on three key things:

1) Avoid the scales - Aim for waist loss not weight loss. 2) Incidental excercise - walk whenever you can. Walking is easy to do, you just need to make the effort to walk more. 3) Calories in a bottle - Juice may be healthy, but it's laden with calories. So avoid juices and soft drinks and drink water instead.

Obviously none of this stuff happens overnight. But I thought it worth sharing with you. Best...Stan

Deborah Cook said...

I think your food choices all look really healthy! Am sure you're doing well irrespective of what the scale says.

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