Sunday, October 7, 2012

My week according to Instagram

Here it is! Another seven days of Instagram magic:

From top left to right: Noo and his bush cousins, Noo on the teacup ride at Darling Harbour, Uncle Cal, Aunty Yo and Cousin Mala, Noo getting wrastled by the bushies, Aunty Yo and Mala, me and Noo in the car, weird art at the old CUB site, cakes I resisted eating, me and Yo and our beautiful babes, Yo and Mala, Noo on the way home from preschool, iPhone 5 battery life sucks, my mum and Mala, the never ending pile of washing, the Aussie flag at the foot of the Sydney Harbour Bridge

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Kylie Purtell said...

I just love your pics, the exercise and eating well is obviously paying off in other ways besides the weightloss, you look so happy in every pic! Also, just thought I would let you know that when I clicked on your link via the actual blog hop it took me to the Problogger website rather than here. Just thought I'd let you know. It could be just me it's happening for though, I don't know.

The Babbling Bandit said...

Thanks Kylie!! I must have still had that problogger link on my clipboard from putting in my other post. Doing two posts in one day obviously has my head spinning! I wonder how I can edit that?

Yvette said...

wow!! looks like you had a majorly fun week!!!

Jess said...

Your bubbies are so cute! Love all the happy snappy shots. :)

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