Thursday, August 29, 2013

I'm a big boy now!

When I was a little girl through to my teen years my family and I lived in a terrace house in the Sydney suburb of Newtown. The house was on a leafy street that leads down off the main road and continues through to the railway. I always loved this house and I think I still do because I miss it sometimes. Some of my best childhood memories come from the home we had there.

One of my funniest memories from when I was a little kid was brought back to the forefront of my mind when Noo, who is fast heading towards his fifth birthday, did something almost exactly the same as my sister did at around his age.

My sister was a feisty, vivacious little girl who pretty much always knew what she wanted and knew how to get it. She had blonde ringlets and beautiful blue eyes and an attitude that could even make adults doubt their position in an argument with her. And this when she was only a preschooler!

I clearly remember the day. My mum had filled the bath and left us to our own devices to wash and play in the water for a while. I was already undressed and in the tub when Yolanda stripped off her singlet and declared it was for babies so she didn't want to wear it any more.

The offending singlet had a little blue pony on it, if I recall correctly. Yo held it ceremoniously above the toilet, dropped it in and flushed, declaring: "I'm a big girl now!"

Unfortunately for Yo, and more so for my dad, the singlet didn't make it too far passed the S-bend and clogged up our toilet pipe. I remember dad having to hire special plumbing equipment to stick in through the pipes to find that pony singlet and remove it. As you can imagine my dad was not happy about Yo's way of showing us she was over with being the baby of the family.

Noo made a similar declaration with one of his material possessions just a couple of nights ago. Thank goodness it wasn't a singlet flushed in the toilet! Instead Noo found his Thomas the Tank Engine spoon, held it up to me and said "I don't like Thomas any more because I'm a big boy now!" and proceeded to chuck the spoon into the bin with a clang.

Well I'll be. My boy is no longer a baby.

Our Thomas days are over!

Maybe that was what Miley Cyrus was trying to tell the world the other day when she made that performance at the VMAs a couple of days ago? If only she'd just chucked out her baby clothes or cutlery to show she was moving on to the next stage of her life. Surely there could have been a more appropriate way to make such a statement.

Have your kids made any grand gestures to show they are growing up?


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Jeanie said...

Awww - I have a girl who doesn't want to wear a nappy to bed any more - Ned's growing up is less fraught with danger!!! My money is on you fished it out and put it in a safe place to remember your little boy.

Emily @ Have a laugh on me said...

My daughter wants to use grow up crockery - so I let her - she's growing up fast that's for sure :)

TeganMC said...

When I call Dyllan a big boy he puts his hands on his hips and in a very serious tone he says I am not a big boy, I am daddy's little man. Cracks me up every time. said...

That is gorgeous! said...

Ned won't use plastic kids plates, bowls and cups any more either. It's funny how they all of a sudden make the decision they don't want it any more. Makes me a little sad that he is growing up so fast but I'm proud of him at the same time. V. said...

I didn't take the spoon out actually. We have so much stuff in this apartment right now I'm happy for anything to be chucked out, no matter how small. Can't afford to be sentimental. The clutter is doing my head in! V.

Emily Morgan said...

My little 18 month old has just learned No - I think that this is her way of saying she won't be carted around like a baby any more! By the way, I was struck by your first paragraph about your childhood home. I also have a home from my childhood that features often in my thoughts and dreams, my grandparents' house. Funny how attached to your childhood places you remain! said...

My grandparent's house used to feature in my dreams all the time until my pop died. It was really strange. My old house and my brother's house (which has been in my family for three generations) still feature but not my Nan & Pop's other house. V.

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