Saturday, March 2, 2013

March mini goals with pink hair

Dear Reader

How are you?

I am really well thanks.

I am OK but I'm going to make out like I'm awesome!

I have pink hair, if you hadn't noticed on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Or on the left column of this page. It is not like the picture I showed my hairdresser, which you can see below. I nearly cried at first but then everyone (maybe it was you Dear Reader on my IG feed so thank you) told me it was awesome so I've come to like it a bit. It sure is different and makes me feel young but sometimes I feel a bit 'muttony', if you know what I mean. No one likes mutton dressed as yoof.

The picture on the left is the one I showed my hairdresser. The picture on the right is me.

I just thought I'd give you a little rundown of how I want this month to go. You know, to make myself accountable.

Yesterday, on the 1st of March, I decided that I was going to achieve the following:

  1. Publish a blog post every single day from 1 March through to 31 March. So here I am posting. I hope to complete The dad question series and my 2013 KISS SMART goal series.
  2. Get back on my health kick! For fucksake woman (I'm talking to me now, not you Dear Reader). Stop putting junk in your gob Vanessa. It only makes you fat and feel like shit and get bad headaches which make you take prescription painkillers which make you get constipated and moody as all hell.
  3. Get stuck right into uni on the first second week and not get behind like the last couple of attempts at study. Yes, I'm enrolled again. I'm doing "Engaging Media" this study period. I WILL NOT FAIL! Not that I ever have failed before but in striving for high distinctions I have withdrawn because of the anxiety that kind of pressure causes me. Ps mean degrees or so say the losers I mean other students.
  4. Attend the Digital Parents Conference and learn lots about blogging and social media and meet heaps of people and smile and make lots of new friends and don't be afraid or anxious or late.
  5. Attend the Australian Virtual Assistants Conference and learn lots about running my own virtual assistant business and meet heaps of people and smile and make lots of new friends and don't be afraid or anxious or late.
  6. Try not to be overwhelmed by the fact that I am attending two conferences back to back and have to meet not one but two lots of different people as well as sit, listen and absorb new shit information for four days in a row.
  7. Enjoy myself, be happy. Take deep breaths. 
  8. Enjoy being with Noo and my niece Mala. Kids are meant to be fun not work all the time.

OK, so that's my eight mini goals for March.

Have you set yourself any goals to achieve in the lovely month of March?

Yours in friendship


PS. I love that it is autumn! Hello funky winter clothes and snuggle up doona nights.


Yo said...

Brilliant goals said...

Thanks little sister!

Kylie Purtell said...

I love your hair. And your goals too! I have been wanting to do something a little outrageous with my hair, like some really neon, funky coloured highlights or something and I just never seem to get the courage to do it, or find something that I really like. I always worry i'm gonna get laughed at!

We have to make sure we manage to actually meet in person at DPCON. I'm still a bit nervous about going but really excited at the same time. It should be awesome! said...

Hey Kylez. Go for it with the colour. I was worried about being laughed at but really it is so much fun. It fades so quickly too so it's not really intense for long. I'm already thinking about what my next crazy colour should be. We will defo have to meet at DPCON. I will hunt you down!

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