Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ode to sugar addiction

Sugar, sugar in my head
You fill me with both joy and dread
I crave you, need you, hate you, eat you
'Til the guilt monster is fully fed

I know the truth but still I eat
Lollies, chocolate, anything sweet
You give me headaches, weight gain and pain
And I then I fall down in defeat

On my tongue I feel you melt
Sweet and luscious oh you smelt
My heart, my health, my love will go
What a hand of cards you have dealt

Addiction is so hard to fight
I need some help with my plight
Your taste, colour and smell entices
And you're always everywhere in sight

Despite the evidence around
The government says you're still sound
How are us addicts really to know
That the health cost is so profound

When you're not in my life
I feel so awesome, out of strife
I need to say goodbye again
Cut you off with a jolly big knife

Bitter/sweet and love/hate too
Parting is sweet sorrow for you
No longer filling the sugar industry's coffers
Mars, Nestle, Cadbury I will now eschew

I hope you've enjoyed my sugary rhyme
I've come to the end, I'm out of time
Bring on a happy, healthy, delicious life
I quit sugar, to not would be a crime


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