Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Twas the night before #DPCON13


Twas the night before #DPCON and all through the house
A blogger was typing while choosing a blouse
Her bag was all packed with the utmost of care
With hopes that her bloggy friends would also be there

The kids were all sorted to spend time at daycare
While mummy cavorted with faded pink hair
Bloggers and brands, mamas and dads
Would soon be together with pens and their pads

Breakfast would be served at the earliest of times
And then would begin the learning at nine
Kindness and the blogosphere, adversity too
Nothing with us bloggers is ever taboo!

As the grumbling of tummies begins to be heard
Lunch at Curzon Castle would swiftly be served
I wonder what food they'll have for as there
I bet it'll be a delicious and scrumptious affair

The afternoon will continue with blog education
I hope there's no fight for the Belkin charge station
From products to writing and photos and vlogs
We'll all be exhausted like over worked dogs!

But fear not my blog pals and hear there's to be
Plenty of refreshments, I'm talking coffee and tea
Perked up by caffeine the next session will see
Us learning about possibly making money

This rhyme could go on but I'm starting to feel
Tired and worried I'm unorganised still
Excitement is burning inside of my brain
I really can't wait to see you all again

And bloggers I haven't met in real life yet
To me it will be such a pleasure I bet
To put faces to blogs and stories I've read
I'm the tall girl with pink streaks on my head

Please say hello if you see me, I can be a bit shy
But once I get started I promise I won't cry
Thank you Digital Parents for bringing us together
The next two days will be fab, no matter the weather!


Are you going to the Digital Parents Conference tomorrow?
Excited, much?


Three Quarters Full said...

Love this. Enjoy DPCON, you'll have such a great time meeting other bloggers. I decided not to go this year and I'm starting to get a little jealous of everyone going - I do hate missing out!

always Josefa said...

What a lovely little poem - have a fabulous time! No doubt there will be lots of bloggy excitement filtering through the interwebs xx
Josefa from #teamIBOT

Kylie Purtell said...

Love it, absolutely love it! Can't wait for tomorrow, still have so much to do though and it's 10pm!

Martine@themodernparent said...

See you in the morning x

bachelormum said...

Very sweet Vanessa. Great to finally meet u in person. See u tmr for another round kimx

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