Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Kiss smart: The BB goals for 2013 - health

We are well and truly half way through the first month of the year and I'm yet to post my resolutions for 2013. Only I'm going to call them goals and aspirations because, apparently if I call them New Year's resolutions I'm less likely to succeed. If a little word change or two is going to help the cause, I'm all for it.

While I am aiming high this year, I also intend to stick to the KISS philosophy with some SMART thrown in.

Both KISS and SMART are mnemonic devices, if you didn't already know, which basically means they have been created to help us remember shit. Being ADHD, I need all the help I can get with my short term memory!

So while Keeping It Simple Stupid, my goals will be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound. And because I have a few, I'm going to break them up into seven key areas. Each area will have its own post, otherwise this one post would be so babblingly long no one would ever bother to read it all.

The areas I want to work on this year are:

  1. Health
  2. For the soul
  3. Finances
  4. Career
  5. Relationships
  6. Family
  7. Community

So basically I'm breaking down my whole life and setting goals and aspirations for each part.

Without further ado, here is goal area number one:

1. Health

I discovered last year that I heart my body. Yes, that's right, I love this 175cm 82kg body of mine that carries me around all day and all night. I haven't always loved it, in fact I've pretty much hated my body through a lifetime of brainwashing that my body isn't worth loving if it is fat.

Hating my body never helped me lose weight and keep it off so what is the point of that? Feeling shame about my body only served to make me feel shit about myself all the time and because it made me feel like shit I punished it. But I guess that is what we do to people/things we hate - we aren't very nice to them.

While I am now almost 20kg lighter than I was the day I got my lap-band, I am still around 5kg over my healthy weight range and 12kgs from my ultimate goal weight. My lap-band has been instrumental in helping me get to this point and now the rest of the work is up to me.

So hating my body has never worked and my lap-band has pretty much taken me as far as I can go, so the only approach left to take is to flip this hate caper on it's head and try love instead.

Following on from last year, I'm going to continue to love this body in 2013.

How do you treat people/things you love? You treat them with respect and dignity. You nurture them and say kind things to them. You do what you can to make them feel good.

So my health goal is to help my body feel good. Ok, let's aim higher. I'm going to make my body feel great and this is how I intend to do it:

a. Quit sugar... again

I'm currently back on the IQS (I Quit Sugar) bandwagon with one foot dangling off in the sea of temptation. I'm fighting my addiction to sugar with as much strength as I can muster, but I haven't been as strict as I was for those seven glorious weeks last year when Will Power was my best mate. Hell, she was my lover! This year we're getting back into bed together again. Whether she likes it or not!

I've paid up $9.99 for *The Happiness Institute's Boost Your Willpower - 30 Tips in 30 Days email course. I'm up to tip number six and so far, so good. Willpower is relevant for a lot of what I want to achieve so I think it has been a worthwhile investment.

b. Give oxygen to the flames of my cooking mojo

Like the glowing embers of an old fire, my creative desire to prepare food ebbs and wanes in the breeze. I absolutely adore cooking and when I am eating well I tend to cook more and the fire burns brightly. When my diet is shit I get lazy and disinterested in food and the flames are extinguished.

This year my fire will burn brightly with fresh whole foods being at the centre of the flames. Fruit, veggies, quality meat, whole grains and dairy. The only ingredients not allowed are sugar and processed junk.

Too easy. Well, you'd think so but the saying is always easier than the doing.

c. Move

Always the hardest part of a healthy lifestyle for me is to incorporate exercise into my everyday life. It is not because I don't like to exercise, I actually do like it but for me to get right into it, the exercise has to be easy. Not just easy to do, easy to get to, to do. If you know what I mean.

I know this is just an excuse but I very rarely have time on my own where I'm not with either Noo or my niece Mala. But if I was to really look at where I have moments on my own I guess I could find a gap or two to go down to our gym and get the heart rate going for a bit.

There are maybe two mornings a week when my parents are here. I should be at the gym at 6am on those days if I really wanted to work out. 6am. That is bloody early but the gym is in our building. That's right. Two floors down from me is a full gym and pool.

My lame arsed excuses for not going there include:
  1. No one to look after kid(s)
  2. The times that I could go are the busiest (ie 6am)
  3. The times that I could go are too early (ie 6am)
  4. I love spin classes but obviously we don't have group exercise classes in this residential building and none of the gyms around here have a creche
  5. I cannot afford a gym membership and why should I join a gym if I have one here I can use for free?
  6. My knee hurts
  7. My foot hurts
  8. I need to wait until I have an x-ray and CT scan on my lower back because of my foot (doctor thinks sciatica, I just think my foot is fucked)
What I can probably do is walk more. At least after my foot gets sorted out. Noo and I walked for miles yesterday around the Harbour and Opera House and today my foot is killing me. Stupid foot.

d. Keep this table stable

By table, I mean me, my mind. It rhymes with stable... anyway, I'm feeling pretty good this year as far as my mental health goes. I haven't had any serious mood swings for a while actually. If my mind feels stable my body reaps the benefits.

I think I finally have the right combination of medication and I really like my psychiatrist. Now the challenge is to find a way to hold on to this good feeling and maintain that stable table. Too often have I got here only to plunge again. Never as deep as rock bottom. I've only been there once. But I've dropped down low enough to start doubting myself again which in turn makes me feel too scared to keep pushing boundaries.

To keep things running smoothly I will continue my therapy but move it back from weekly to fortnightly. I'll keep reminding myself everything is ok. I have achieved so much and continuing to challenge the status quo only helps me achieve even more.

So, let's check back in with KISS SMART:

Did I keep it simple? 

I think so...

Goal: Help my body feel great
How: Quit sugar, eat whole foods, move my body, monitor my mind
and continue to challenge the boundaries of my comfort zones

Are my goals smart? 

They look pretty smart to me...

Specific: See above
Measurable: By 30 June I aim to be 75kg and happy
Achievable: With 7kg to lose in just over five months to do it in, I think so
Relevant: Absolutely
Time-bound: Yes, to be measured on 30 June 2013

So that is it for the babblingbandit.me KISS SMART goal area number 1 for 2013. I will check in periodically as to where I am tracking over the next six months.


*Not sponsored! Just wanted to mention it because I like The Happiness Institute.

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Airlie Wood said...

I seriously love this post! I seriously could have written the part about the band working until I hit 80kgs and then me having to do the rest! I love your goals! Good luck! I will be with you all the way!

Azara said...

Great goals for 2013! I found them inspirational for myself as well - thanks for sharing.

Visiting from IBOT.

BossyMummy said...

Great goals! I have quit auger and grains and legumes and have never felt better. Have started losing weight and have so much energy! Good luck :)

Hello from #teamIBOT

The Babbling Bandit said...

IQS is pretty good but it takes a lot of willpower that is for sure! Thanks for stopping by.

The Babbling Bandit said...

Thanks for popping in Azara.

Pip said...

oh sugar. The perfect drug - in the word of nine inch nails. it's a hard one to kick - I struggle with it constantly. Wish I could mind the kids for you - 6AM is the only time I manage to fit it in (it's difficult to find a time that works for you, espec as a mum, but once I found one that works - I stuck at it until my body decided it was a habit). May you achive ALL your goals to some degree. xx

The Babbling Bandit said...

I am a bit the same Jess... I make em and break em.

Kim said...

Hey, I love this blog, you've got the mindset right just wondering how the "doing" part is going? Have you got your goals posted up in your kitchen or pantry or somewhere you will see them everyday? That's what I've done and it definitely helps, it takes me out of my head and makes it real. I've been doing the IQS for 3 weeks now and the hardest part has been when I need to emotionally eat, but the plus side is it has also meant I now know each time I go to grab a snack that I'm doing it for a reason other than hunger and that makes me stop and think of another way to deal with my frustration, anxiety, guilt or whatever I've got going on in my head - and trust me it's non stop babbling in there. If you want to have some support with the IQS I would love to help however I can.

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