Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ode to London

London I love you
I miss you with all my heart
You took me in but spat me out
I knew it from the start

Despite the gloomy winters
When the sun would barely shine
The summer days were oh so long
I quaffed a lot of wine

I lived upon the River Thames
And heard its history whisper:
"We love a pint, you'll drink all night
  No matter how hard you resist it!"

English pubs with open fires
The bell would chime at 10
Then back to mine we'd go
And party til who knew when

The morning Tube would come
My body cold and shivering
Into work I'd struggle
My brain still soaked and blithering

The working day would end
Sitting at my desk
The tinkling of the drinks trolley
Would reignite my zest

I could go on and on you see
But this story won't end well
I don't blame you London
It was me who jumped and fell

I love you London
Still miss you with all my heart
I will come back to you one day
We'll make a brand new start

English Festival Season 2006
Wearing my motto emblazoned across my chest


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