Monday, July 2, 2012

I survived Nuffnang Blogopolis 2012!

Wow! What a great day Saturday was. My first blogging conference was everything I hoped it would be. Here are some photo highlights:

Noo and me on the morning of the conference
(had to get a Noo shot in somewhere!)

Very informative SEO talk

I love a goodie bag!

Morning tea

Delicious Twinings tea served in beautiful teacups

I attended Blogopolis for mainly two reasons:

  1. To learn more about the Aussie blogging scene; and
  2. To get out of my comfort zone and talk to new people.

And I achieved both.

Highlights for me were:

  1. Walking through the door of the Wentworth Sofitel and not bursting into tears.
  2. Meeting Lisa at Mum Of Adult Kids and having a buddy for the day.
  3. Jeff Tan's informative presentation on SEO and web analytics. This subject has alluded me for a long time so I was stoked to be able to hear such a clear and concise talk on it. The information I learnt will be handy for both my blog and my studies.
  4. Sitting on a table with some of the finest bloggers out there: Mrs Woog from WOOGSWORLD, Eden of Edenland, Kim from Allconsuming, Sarah from A Beach Cottage, Nikki from Styling You and Trevor Young from PR Warrior
  5. The 'finding your voice' panel; I particularly liked what both Eden and Zoey from Goodgoogs had to say. That my blog can be a place for me to find myself, that it is a 'psychological experience', a place to exhibit my 'weird' if I want to. And I want to!
  6. Mrs Woog's parting comments: That blogging is not a race or a competition; that Aussie bloggers need to unite and be nice to one another; and to have fun or it doesn't count.

So that is my Blogopolis 2012 wrap up. It is about all I can manage. I'm seeing double here! Got a filthy flu and can't think straight.

Looking forward to the next blogging function!



Kylie @ Octavia and Vicky said...

Hello again! It was great to meet you at the conference, I agree with all your points, I went to the same sessions. Wow, you scored a great table :)
I am now even more in love with Mrs Woog than ever before, I feel like she is Mama of the Australian Blogosphere.

Lisa H said...

It was great to meet you Vanessa, and weren't we on the best table?! Hopefully we can catch up again some day, given we live in the same city. :-)

Anonymous said...

When I get my arse into gear you can teach me many things. What a great fun conference that must of been.

I am studying too and in the future hope to use blogging as a vehicle around my chosen subject.

Great pictures too :-)

Speak soon
Mitzi x

Vanessa @ Babbling Bandit said...

Kylie, I totally agree with you re Mrs Woog. She is the mumma of Aussie Blogland.

Lisa, would defo love to catch up again!

Mitzi, thanks for the comment, love! Blogging is great fun and very good when studying if you want to use it for keeping notes or as a platform to present an assignment.

Deb said...

Great post. I haven't gotten around to writing anything from the conference and am struggling to read some posts at the moment, but I love this recap and I can relate to it all!


Cathy said...

It was great to meet you! You guys sure picked the right table to sit at - packed with celebrity bloggers :)

Mrs Woog said...

If I am the mamma of blogging then we are ALL in trouble! Such a great day and the highlight for me was meeting so many other like-minded souls xxx

CraftyMummy said...

It was my first blog conference too - and it sounds like we were sitting at the table behind you guys! I loved that those "big" bloggers were so friendly and approachable.

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