Monday, December 3, 2012

The BB sugar experiment: Off the wagon and on to Santa's Christmas Sugar Sleigh

I need help! A chocoholics anonymous meeting quick! I'm back on it!

On the Santa's Christmas Sugar Sleigh that is.

Merry Christmas and hand me the chocolate!

It has been 19 days since my birthday when I broke my seven week abstinence from sugar with chocolate birthday cake and I haven't been able to get back on the wagon since.

I ranted and raved about how good I felt being sugar free. How refreshed and energetic and headache free I was. You guys congratulated me and it felt great. I lost 5.5 kg in six weeks and it felt great. My skin was clear, my mind alert, my clothes looked great, I was back in my jeans again...

What the fuck happened? The silly season happened, that's what. Let's point the finger! 

Not only are my headaches back but I'm Hungry. All. The. Time. And Santa, I blame you.

So why is it so easy to fall back into old habits even though the new ones make you feel so much better?

I weighed myself this morning and I've only gained 1kg in 18 days which isn't bad but it isn't great either. And I haven't been binging on sugar over the last couple of weeks but I have indulged in ice cream once and chocolate quite frequently, particularly over the last week.

Chocolate is only in the apartment because of Christmas. I bought some for Noo's Advent Calendar and for donating to our preschool's Christmas raffle prize pool. I refuse to accept responsibility - Christmas decorations and messages of Christmas merriment and cheer are EVERYWHERE and are entering my subconscious as a message to indulge.

It is lucky my mum has got on the quit sugar bandwagon because mum and I can be such bad enablers of each other's addiction at any time of the year. My mum has actually been amazing this time around on a diet. She's there where I was before my birthday: determined to resist all temptation despite Christmas. She has dropped several kilos and is feeling so much better in herself and in her clothes. I'm really proud of her.

But it is Christmas. 'Tis the season of let's get merry and eat. And eat. And eat.

My mum makes the best Christmas pudding, brandy butter and custard in the whole world. No really. Absolutely divine. And mince tarts? YUM! There's no way I can resist such deliciousness that only happens once a year.

Do I give in and enjoy Christmas for what it is and restart on 1 January with a whole stack of New Year's resolutions?

Or do I fight Christmas? Get back on the horse (reindeer?) and rejoin the battle to resist all sugary, chocolaty, festive scrumptiousness?

How do you handle Christmas? If you're on the quit sugar bandwagon are you going to stay there or join me on the Santa's Sugar Sleigh until New Year's Day?



Diet Schmiet said...

Oh, it's such a hard time of year.... Perhaps something in between the 'no treats' and the 'all out' Christmas craziness. (Of course I can't talk... am so BLACK/WHITE!)

Great work on the no-sugar stint though!

Yolanda said...

For what it's worth, perhaps consider that Christmas is only (let's call a spade a spade), 1 day, and although it's all about the food etc, and the lead up and the come down, we don't have to buy into the hype about it all. seriously. Can't we reorientate the time frame for indulgence. I find I get food blind, i.e. I don't taste a thing I just want volume of sweet shit, and more sweet shit at this time of year and I just don't enjoy food but end up hatin on myself. Can't we have a healthy Christmas? we eat so well all year round, why do we think that we need more?

The Babbling Bandit said...

Thanks Deb. I am such an all or nothing person too. So hard! Where's that magic cure?

The Babbling Bandit said...

I would love to be able to have a healthy Christmas in some far out weirdo alternative universe but in reality I WANT THAT PUDDING!

Kim Frost said...

Moderation baby! Well - not really. Just put the diet mixers in your gin. Then you're still kind of on the wagon, right? I say go all in Dec 25, and try and keep your house a little bit 'bare' before then!? For the record - i will NEVER quit sugar. Ever. Quit a mango????? Are you crazy??

The Babbling Bandit said...

Hi Kim, when I quit sugar, I don't quit fruit. That's just madness. I was actually able to feel great and lose weight by just cutting out added sugar, chocolate and cutting down carbs like bread, rice and pasta which I don't eat a lot of anyway because of my lapband.

Grog is not a problem either. With 4.5 years of sobriety under my belt alcoholic empty calories have not been a problem for a long time! Its cakes, lollies, choccies... that sort of stuff which have me come undone. The headaches aren't worth it tho!

Kim Frost said...

Oooh congrats on 4.5 years! Guess you can tell I'm a little bit new here… der.

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