Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Retail therapy

So it has been confirmed by both my GP and my psychiatrist: I am depressed again. While I've battled anxiety continuously all my life, the bouts of major depression have been less frequent. The most recent time before this one was just after Noo was born while I was suffering from postpartum thyroiditis.

One of the ways I deal with my lows and my highs is by spending money. Retail therapy can be great if you can control it but it is not really a healthy coping mechanism for an addictive personality like mine. I am still paying off the $26,000 I spent in six months in 2009.

When I'm depressed become obsessed with clothes, shoes and makeup. Anything with a dollar value really, but fashion just makes me feel good when I'm feeling so bad. When I'm well I love to shop too, but when I'm down, it becomes all consuming.

I have been spending hour upon hour scrolling through Pinterest and clothing, footwear and bedding retailers for months now. I haven't spent nearly as much as I did back in 2009 simply because I don't have access to that kind of cash. Without actually tallying up my receipts I'd guess I've spent about $1,000 on clothes, boots and toys for Noo over the last three months. Maybe a bit more.

As winter started to approach I became fixated with the need for Noo and me to get flannelette bedding for each of our beds. I was also desperate for a new duvet cover.  The plain white one I've been using for years I bought in London back in 2006!

So I googled "flannelette sheets" and scrolled through hundreds of pictures on major department store websites as well as on dedicated homewares and bedding websites. There were a few that I liked the look of but as my bank account was dwindling due to all the clothes I was buying I figured I'd just wait until next pay day...

And then, as if someone had heard my wish for new bedding, out of the blue I get an email from www.oo.com.au asking me if I'd like some new new sheets or a duvet cover in exchange for a review of their website!

OO had been one of the sites I had been scrolling through for quilt covers and bed sheets! I swear to you, on my reputation as an honest blogger, this is true. They have some lovely sets on there and I was stoked to be offered $100 worth of whatever I wanted from these ranges.

I chose bright red flannelette sheet set for my double loft bed and a boldly patterned quilt cover to help brighten my mood.

Once my selection was made within days OO sent me the goods and I was stoked. The quality of each set is lovely. I've been snug as a bug up there in my loft bed.

Yay! Fresh new bedsheets.

Even though I was asked to review the OO site based on these products I just didn't feel I could give an honest opinion of how the website worked unless I did it all for myself. I wanted to go through the process of selecting, ordering, paying and waiting for delivery so I could give an true review of how the oo.com.au worked.

I was in need of some more toner cartridges for my printer and lucky for me OO stock them. The model printer I have churns toner like no tomorrow. I've always used the branded toner and at an average of $25 a pop, they are quite expensive. OO have a really cool Ink Finder so I was able to easily find the make and model of my printer and the relevant cartridges I required. I was shocked to find they were almost 50% cheaper than the branded equivalent.

I made my selection, added it to my shopping cart and then chose to pay with PayPal's own shopping cart. That way I didn't have to put all my details in the OO system because they're all there on PayPal. Nice. Quick. Easy. What more can you ask for?

My current 'fantasy' shopping cart. I do this all the time when I don't actually have the money to spend.

I ordered my printer cartridges late on Sunday night and they arrived at my apartment by courier on Tuesday. I was amazed at the turnaround time for the order. The product was well packaged and worked a dream in my printer. I won't be paying full price for cartridges again!

So, would I recommend oo.com.au to buy anything from bedsheets to printer cartridges?

Yes I would. Definitely.

Just like pineapples, shopping sure has a way to distract me from the other stuff going on in my life.

Have you had any good retail therapy lately?


Disclosure: I was offered $100 worth of bedlinen in exchange for a review of the oo.com.au website. No cash has changed hands. All opinions are my own in accordance with my disclosure policy.

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erin heels said...

I hate the winter dash to get new warm bedding. I'm currently looking for new cot sheets for my little ones, as the ones I'm using are very much pre-loved and too easy for her to remove.

Glad to hear you sounding a little more cheerful today. It's amazing what a little retail therapy can do for the soul.

Jeanie said...

I have become a large fan of decent linen - I bought some for us from my tax refund last year, and was so impressed it is my new gift for newlyweds. I have heard of OO but haven't ventured. Once my paypal has recovered from my last spend (cooking and gardening stuff is my bling when I fling)!!

Kylie Purtell said...

I've written edited about my loathing for shopping. But there is one exception to the rule... when I'm feeling down I love to shop! I spent half of last Monday at Ikea and bough a new bookcase/cabinet to replace one we need to get rid of and also a few little bits and pieces for the girls. Felt so much better by the end of it. I also love to create wish lists when I'm feeling a little down, it's much more fun to dream than face reality sometimes!

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