Sunday, April 21, 2013

What Noo loves: cars and cats

As Noo gets older and his little personality evolves I love watching his tastes develop. As his mum I reckon it is my job to expose him to new experiences and then let him decide what he likes. Over his almost four and a half years of life there have been some standout interests that have persisted for long enough to now call them passions.

I'm going to tell you (and brag a little) about them over my next two posts.

Beep, beep!

One of the first words to come out of Noo's mouth was 'car'. From when he was a little bub he loved anything with wheels. Playing with the wheels on his stroller or toy cars, trains, busses all brought him such delight!

Strangely, Roary the Racing Car was too daggy for Noo but he has always loved the Disney Cars franchise. Lightning, Mater and the gang can be found in many places around our apartment and in my car. Hot Wheels vehicles have also had a persistent presence around our place. And who could forget the Little Tikes Cosy Coupe? I have probably done permanent damage to my back pushing that thing around with Noo inside!

The Cosy Coupe, car rides at the shopping centre, the big race of Hot Wheels cars and other vehicles

Meow! Can I be your girl kitten?

Noo's love of cats has been mentioned on this blog before. It all started when a friend of my mum's gave Noo a black and white toy cat that he named Transformer on sight. He fell for that toy immediately which was a big surprise to me and his grandparents because Noo had never really shown an interested in stuffed toys before. When I was still pregnant I bought the little bub growing in my tummy a beautiful plush puppy called Marco. I thought, being a boy, he would love dogs! How sexist and wrong I was. 

After Transformer there came Running, Treetops and Lulu followed a little later by Sushi. There was a stage that all "The Cats" had to come on every outing with us. Luckily for me I don't need to drag that menagerie around with us any more. 

Noo also loves cat videos on YouTube, #catsofinstagram, as well as Tom (as in Tom & Jerry), Garfield, Puss in Boots, Mittens from the movie Bolt.

Playing at being a cat is a huge thing for Noo too. Not just any cat - a girl cat. "Can I be your girl kitten?" he asks me at least once a day. So very, very cute! All five of Noo's toy cats are girls. He says he likes girls best and who am I to argue with that? 

When a teacher left Noo's daycare recently all the children gave a message to the departing staff member on a farewell card. Noo's quote was, you guessed it: "Meow!".

My boy loves girl cats!

The next two - superheroes and art - will come next.

Do you have kids with special interests or hobbies? If they are older kids, did they start young and carry them on as the grew up?

Hope everyone has had a great weekend!


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mumabulous said...

I have a tip for you - Avengers with cats on Tumblr. Something Ned and his Mum can both enjoy ;-) said...

Haha! I will defo check that one out!

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