Monday, November 26, 2012

My week according to Instagram - 25 November

A day behind! But better late then never. Here's this week's Instagram collage:

From top left to right: Sunday - our Christmas tree is up; Saturday - my new Diesel watch, lunch at Ikea; Friday - whacky photo at The Rocks Bizarre, Noo and his caricature, the hoola hoop jam down at The Rocks, Noo and the bunny that looks like Transformer, bunny hurdle racing, Noo standing in his convict ancestor's chains, the Queen Victoria Building tree, The Willy Lead (the WTF of the month!), Transformer gets around with C-P30, Noo and the David Jones Christmas windows, the view from the Hyde Park Barracks, Noo and Transformer having a swing in the hammocks; Thursday - The cat that got the cream, Transformer and Peekaboo enjoy breakfast together; Wednesday - corn chowder for dinner, Noo falls asleep in Nanny and Pa's bed with Transformer; Tuesday - piccolo Palomino Espresso style, Yo in front of the MCA, stray nut (who could have done that I wonder?), Yo's silhouette, Miss Mala and her mum.  

Linking up with Tina at Tina Gray Dot Me. Check her out! She's rad.


AParentingLife said...

Well I am glad you are a day late because I am a day late in commenting :) Looks like a super busy week.

The Babbling Bandit said...

Thanks for dropping by. Yes it was a big week! Another one in progress... must start snapping for the next MWATI.

kyl21z said...

I love your watch, it's so cool! And that pic from Hyde Park Barracks is excellent!

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