Thursday, March 31, 2011

Post promise

Hello all

I'm still trying to decide about the future of my blog but have decided that I'm not going to post until I've got to 85kg, which is the halfway mark of my weight loss journey. I can't believe it has taken me 4 months to get 85.5kg. As soon as I get this pesky 500 grams off, I'll write. Lots has been going on.

Speak soon and thank you for all your lovely messages as usual.

I'll be back.



All That Razzberry said...

Oooh only 500gm to go! Not long now :)

FK said...

Hi lovely I hear you on your prev posts on the blog getting out there... scary hey.. I cant bring my self to update anymore... thinking of starting a new blog maybe... if you do be sure to send me the link! Miss your posts! I cant believe you are almost 85kg I am soo jealous! Awesome xxx

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